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6 Inch Grow Tent Fan: 5 Major Industrial Applications

2022-02-16 hqt

What is 6 inch grow tent fan?

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In the trend of modern development, perfect, human-friendly living space is getting more and more attention. In which the solution to ventilate the home and factory, creating fresh, oxygen-rich air is essential. Question is how to choose best 6 inch grow tent fan?

 That's a question many people are still figuring out. That's why; we are here helping to solve this problem well.

6 inch grow tent fan is a line of specialized fans installs on the roof to suck away hot air and dirt. Moreover, it accumulates at the top near the roof to help ventilate high-rise buildings, villas, factories, restaurants, warehouses, and rooms.

The roof tent fan is an innovative product designed as an axial fan to mount on the roof. Similarly, it has the ability to effectively suck hot air, low noise. Similarly, it creates a fresh atmosphere for the working environment. Thereby, it increases the quality of life as well as increasing labor productivity. Furthermore, it protects the health of everyone in the place of use....

5 outstanding advantages of 6 inch grow tent fan

      1. The first thing is a prerequisite 6 inch grows tent fan uses electromechanical force to forcefully suck hot condensate air flows on the ceiling. Similarly, it quickly helps to circulate air for the whole house.

      2. Fan housing uses fine steel- not rusted and impacted by environmental factors.

      3. The roof tent fan has a modern and aesthetic design according to European standards.

      4. The models use an axial motor and a reversing switch that allows the fan to use for supply or suction to change according to usage needs. 6 inch grow tent fan uses high-tech aluminum centrifugal propeller motor, anti-sparking, low noise, high working efficiency.

       5. It has high air flow, low noise and durable. EC technology fan motor - durable operation, energy saving.

The outstanding benefits of using a tent fan

The tent fan is one of the optimal solutions to keep the space cool. Currently, when it comes to cutting fans, many people are still quite strange, but in fact, there are many units and families using this type of fan. The blower fan will create a wind curtain that prevents the loss of cold air, dust, and insects while still allowing unimpeded movement.

Wind cutting fan saves more energy

The blower fan is an energy-saving solution by preventing the loss of cold or heat from the air-conditioned room to the outside. Currently, more and more restaurants, supermarkets, commercial centers, fashion shops, offices... use windbreaks for this purpose.

Using a tent fan also brings the following specific benefits

Dust prevention

For restaurants on the street or even in alleys, the amount of dust on the street is very large coming from vehicles. This amount of dust will easily penetrate into the inside of the restaurant if the restaurant door is open often or the number of people in and out is large.

 With its feature, the effect of 6 inch grow tent fan is to prevent this layer of dust from flying in and accumulating inside your restaurant.

6 inch grow tent fan Prevents odor

Another great effect of the fan is to prevent unpleasant odors from the outside. If your restaurant is near rivers or sewers… then your restaurant will not be without this product.


Bacteria can also easily get inside your restaurant, and can harm your food if you run a food service business. The blower fan is the solution for you.

With many outstanding features as above, we believe that the blower fan will be a wise choice for your space to keep a clean and cool business environment.

Most office buildings use air conditioning to exchange heat and the operating space is almost closed without the exchange of natural wind, especially the basement area, for offices. The front is designed with glass and the remaining sides are bordered by other buildings. Hence, it is not possible to create a comfortable space when only using air conditioners or other equipment.

The best Source of fresh air supply: 6 inch grow tent fan

Many people think that the use of fresh air supply fans is not necessary because they think that devices such as 6 inch grow tent fan already have the necessary airflow to spend on fresh air supply equipment.

This is extremely wrong thinking because the air conditioner only exchanges energy when operating, the amount of air in the room only circulates and is cooled through the indoor unit, so when in a closed air-conditioned space, the amount of O2 gas gradually decreases. , CO2 increases due to the process of gas exchange.

 Not to mention the smell, bacteria or heat of the machines, production activities create a circulation in an enclosed space over time when bacteria proliferate very quickly, affecting human health.

Standard fresh air supply for the office

To create a comfortable working environment and avoid potential hazards, we need to install a fresh air supply system.

How much and how level?

There are many methods of designing ventilation systems for offices; here I list some of the most commonly used options for offices and apartments

• 1-line wind system only supplies fresh air

Using fans and ducts to supply air to the air-conditioned space, it will normally be supplied to the evaporator of the indoor unit (with the indoor unit hidden from the ceiling connected to the duct) or directly to the indoor unit for the ceiling-mounted machine.

This level plan is called the positive pressure ventilation plan, which means that when the air is supplied to the room without drawing it out, the pressure in the room will increase and create a positive pressure that pushes a part of the air out through the gap of doors and windows or release a large amount when opening the door.  

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• 1 line wind system only sucks exhaust air

This method is the same as above but it creates negative pressure in the room to draw fresh air from the window slot and entry corridor. This option is only effective when the office space has many windows and is not bordered by other buildings.

• 2-line wind system combined with 6 inch grow tent fan:

It is a method that combines the two options above.

The advantage is to create a ventilated environment and control the amount of air in and out.

• The 2-line wind system combines using the HRV heat recovery system:

• The HRV system has the function of ventilation and recovers the heat lost through the ventilation process. This system limits the variation in room temperature caused by ventilation, thus maintaining a high-quality indoor air environment at all times.