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Which is the best 6 inch inline duct fan for factory?

2022-01-31 hqt

6 inch inline duct fan ventilation fans are designed more advanced than other traditional fans such as standing fans, table fans, wall fans... to suit large spaces in industry. Born to help industrial factories save costs, bring comfortable air to factories, bring more benefits to investors.

1. What is duct industrial ventilation fan?

Duct industrial fan is a ventilation fan with the direction of suction and blowing parallel to the axis of the fan. At that time, the air will enter and exit along the axis to create a fresh environment.

Duct ventilation fans are very commonly common in factories, livestock households, basement hoods, agriculture - forestry - fishery...

6 inch inline duct fan

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of duct fans?

a. Fans have advantages

The 6 inch inline duct fan is designed with advanced technology, from genuine materials, so the fan can withstand high temperatures, stable operation and high durability over time. In addition, the accompanying components are made of steel, so they are very quality and safe.

The fan is designed to be quite large and an extremely powerful motor, so the duct fan creates a very large flow.

The fan has a large capacity, so it always brings fresh air to factories, livestock households, etc. 6 inch inline duct fan absorbs odors, sucks toxic air and heat directly from machinery and chemicals. That helps to ensure the health of workers during the working process.

What is the function of 6 inch inline duct fan?

The fan has a high pressure head, has an automatic shutter system that opens and closes to protect the blades and motor inside the fan when it rains. They are truly the ventilation solution for efficient cooling in industry.

Fans have good quality, so they are widely common in factories and factories.

In factories, 6 inch inline duct fan not only help to cool and ventilate, but also help push the smelly gases out. In agriculture, duct fans also have the effect of sucking in harmful gases, unpleasant odors, and ensuring the health of livestock. Especially, it brings high profits to farmers and does not affect people around.

Although the structure of the fan is massive, the duct fan has low noise and stable operation. Duct fans consume very little energy. They both pull air in and can push it out very intelligently. So it saves a lot of money.

b. Fans have disadvantages

The fan has a small blade structure and cuts the air directly. If the air environment has a lot of dust, it will cause corrosion in the blades due to the friction between the blades and the dust and the air.

The fan motor locates outside of the belt drive, between the belt contact and the pulley, if there is large dirt on it, it will damage the belt.

With the motor placed on the inner shaft, if dirt adheres to the copper coil or bearings. This causes the motor to quickly overheat, unstable operation, and reduced load efficiency.

The fan cannot create a high pressure head, so when it is necessary to create a pressure of more than 500 Pa and in a dusty atmosphere, a centrifugal exhaust fan should be common.

Therefore, the 6 inch inline duct fan only sucks heat, smokes, and the air contains toxic components. Centrifugal fans can both suck in air and suck up dust and pollution in the air. Depending on the conditions and environment, it is possible to choose the appropriate industrial ventilation fan.

3. Application of 6 inch inline duct fan

The fan has the function of ventilation, fresh air supply and odor removal. Therefore, fans are often common in the manufacturing industry of:

6 inch inline duct fan 2022
  • Plating
  •  chemicals,
  •  heat treatment
  •  molding machine
  •  plastic machines, etc. to suck directly from the machine location

Furthermore, it sucks in toxic air, odors will not affect to the surrounding environment.

In addition, fans are common in:

  • Restaurants
  •  Factories
  •  drying workshops
  •  Warehouses
  • livestock households
  •  agro-forestry-fishery
  •  industrial parks, buildings
  •  ventilation and general civil exhaust...

4. Duct industrial ventilation fans divide into how many types?

Duct industrial fans are divided into 2 types:

Direct duct fan: is a type of fan with a motor mounted directly on it. These are good for places that need to absorb odors such as basements, places with strong odors.

 Indirect duct fan: the rotation force from the blade to the motor is controlled by the belt, helping to protect the motor in high temperature or acidic environments. Use in places with high temperature and acidic environment.

From the above two types, people produce many different types of 6 inch inline duct fan. Fans that generate pressure and fans that do not create pressure, duct fans with round bodies or square fans.

5. Notes when installing duct fans

Before installing the fan, you need to pay attention to the reasonable area and space structure. You also need to know the parameters of the fan. Choose the right design to suit your needs for installation. Cost is also something you should pay attention to install a reasonable duct fan.

Finally, consider the environmental factor to install. For the need to use duct fans for basement exhaust or ventilation purposes... with air duct systems with normal temperature, the direct duct fan design should be common. As for the purpose of ventilation, odor removal such as acidic or high temperature environments, indirect duct fans should be common.

Moreover, the fan needs to be cleaned periodically, lubricated with grease on the bearing and fan gearbox to help the fan work better and avoid other possible repairs and problems.

Why to buy 6 inch inline duct fan?

Duct fan is really valuable because of the many features it brings to industrial sites. Because of its ability to absorb hot heat, absorb exhaust air, exhaust gases, and absorbs dust and dirt suspended in the air, it affects workers' health. So it is being common commonly in many places with large spaces.

Centrifugal fan with capacity 1.1Kw

If you are interested in the low-priced industrial fan in 2021, you can't ignore our top quality product, which is a 1.1Kw smoke extraction centrifugal fan.

Made from high-grade steel, the product has extremely good quality, very high durability and stable operation. The fan has a very large air flow, but the operation is very smooth and does not make any noise.

This is a very good product for smoking, ventilation in factories, restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens, ventilation in areas of ore mining facilities...

Indirect heat-resistant duct fan

Small but mighty, indirect heat-resistant duct fans bring great benefits. This is a product that is always in the top of the bestselling cheap industrial fans of HGductfan. This product is very suitable for installation in high temperature, acidic environments.

Indirect heat-resistant 6 inch inline duct fan often installs in factories, industrial parks, basements, warehouses, livestock households, agriculture, forestry and fishery, restaurants, office buildings, theaters...