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5 Reasons to Install 8inch Exhaust Fan: HF-200PE

2021-12-17 hqt

Supplier of industrial square exhaust fans

Square 8inch exhaust fan HF-200PE is commonly useful on the market today. Further, with many advantages over other product lines in terms of efficiency as well as investment and maintenance costs in the future. Currently, Hg duct fan Company is the leading manufacturer of industrial square exhaust fans in China today.

8inch Exhaust Fan

Table of contents

  • Uses Industrial wall-mounted exhaust fan
    • Advantages of industrial square wall-mounted exhaust fan
    • Installation location of industrial square exhaust fan
    • Difference between round exhaust fan and square exhaust fan
    • Industrial square exhaust fan supplier

Uses Industrial 8inch exhaust fan

We use 8inch exhaust fan to suck out impurities, dust, heat, polluted odors, toxic chemicals, from factories, warehouses, farms, greenhouses to the outside. Thereby improving the environment, reduce pollution as well as ensure the health of workers.

There are two types of wall-mounted exhaust fans:

  • Firstly, square exhaust fans
  • Secondly, round axial exhaust fans

Moreover, depending on the location of our needs, we choose the type of exhaust fan to suit our needs. But for common use but bring high efficiency, the square exhaust fan still brings higher efficiency why?

Advantages of Industrial Square wall-mounted 8inch exhaust fan

Square wall 8inch exhaust fan, also famous as square exhaust fan, has a variety of sizes from 200×200 to 1380×1380. Moreover, wall-mounted exhaust fans are useful in most locations, environments and other areas.

  • Firstly, because of the diversity of square wall exhaust fans, fans are commonly useful in industrial and civil applications. 
  • Second, the wall-mounted exhaust fan has a larger air flow than the circular wall-mounted exhaust fan. So it saves more fans than the axial exhaust fan. 
  • Third, the square wall-mounted exhaust fan has a large blade design, operates at a moderate wind speed, and generates large air flow. But has a lower noise level than other fans. 
  • Fourth, the wall-mounted square exhaust fan is easy to disassemble and maintain, replace, and has shutters. It covers rain and wind, more convenient than other ventilation fans on the market. 

Installation location of industrial 8inch exhaust fan

Square exhaust fan as mentioned is a ventilation fan, industrial 8inch exhaust fan So the installation location is usually located on the walls of the house, both saving space, ensuring noise level away from workers, and sucking up impurities. Further, there are substances that tend to evaporate, such as smoke, dust, and vapors, and to draw heat from the roof to the factory floor. 

Wall-mounted exhaust fans have two types, one for installation in locations such as, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, a large size, for installation in factories, warehouses, yards, warehouses goods, farms, factories, etc., etc.

Most of the fields need to install a wall-mounted exhaust fan to suck out polluted air in the factory. In addition, the wall-mounted 8inch exhaust fan is also need to combine with a cool pad cooling pad to reduce the temperature in the factory.

Difference between round exhaust fan and square exhaust fan

We can all use both round and square exhaust fans to circulate air. But square ventilation fans have a disadvantage that the head is not large. So if forced ventilation is not effective. Fruit, but only sucking air from inside the factory to the outside. 

If you suck in air with high wind pressure, lead it in a pipeline. In the other way, you need to push it away from the work site, it is better to use a circular axial exhaust fan to be more effective. 

Features of industrial square 8inch exhaust fan

8inch Exhaust Fan 2021

Air circulation:  square exhaust fan is useful to circulate air in the workshop, sucking hot air and stagnant air from inside to outside. In this way it helps to prevent ventilation in the workshop. 

Minimizing pollution: in factories, warehouses, yards, greenhouse farms, etc., the air often pollutes by substances such as smoke, dust, gas, odors, chemicals, and dust. Moreover, in livestock wastewater, etc., so we have to install an 8inch exhaust fan to suck all the impurities out to ensure the working environment and health for workers. 

Use square exhaust fan in which spaces?

As mentioned above, square exhaust fans are the best choice for air circulation with many outstanding advantages and cost savings. 

It is applicable in most fields such as:

  • Garment
  • plastic factory
  •  metallurgy
  •  Textile
  •  animal husbandry
  •  seafood factory
  • warehouse, and greenhouses etc.

Industrial square exhaust fans also combine with the Cooling Pad to reduce the temperature in the factory effectively and save money. 

Industrial square exhaust fan supplier

It is very difficult to consult all the features of the product on one article, so we would like to assist you when in need. So if you are in need of a fan, please contact us. Moreover, it is for the best technical support and quotation. 

We are here with an in-depth technical team, along with many years of experience in serving and providing large and small projects. The company is confident to serve and meet most of your needs. 

Customers anywhere in all provinces and cities will also receive the best technical advice and quotes. 

In addition to wall-mounted 8inch exhaust fan, the company also has most other types of fans such as cooling fans, system fans, centrifugal fans, etc., etc.

Industrial square exhaust fan price

Many customers wonder why not put the price list of square ventilation fans online for you to choose. In fact, each fan brand has different advantages and disadvantages. So the price is also different, if customers do not Research carefully, compare only the prices. Thereby introducing disadvantages for both parties. 

Second, the square exhaust fan has a large size, high transportation costs. Moreover, the quantity and location of goods will affect the price of the exhaust fan. 

Even the current square exhaust fan has different prices.  So if you have a need for a quote for an 8inch exhaust fan, please contact the company for advice, technical support and the best quote. 

Industrial square exhaust fan supplier

With our manufacturing and supplying square exhaust fans. Hg duct fan Company has always remains a trustworthy and supportive for customers.  The company always has the best price to provide customers when there is a need.

In addition to being a direct manufacturer and wholesaler for customers, the company always has a large quantity and a full range of designs for customers to choose from. 

You just need to contact us to make a request, immediately get the company's advice and quote as quickly as possible.