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Ceiling Duct Fan in China: Best Product of 2022

2022-01-17 hqt

In the summer in Europe, the temperature is very high. This makes people always feel hot and uncomfortable. To relieve the heat of the market in areas such as factories, factories, offices or wedding events, most use air-conditioning fans. What is the structure of the ceiling duct fan in china?

How does the mechanism work? We will answer through our following article.

Structure and Operating Mechanism of Industrial Fan

The air conditioner fan has a simple structure, you can choose either a vertical fan or a horizontal fan, depending on your needs. On the outside, the fan is shaped like a box, a barrel with a front air outlet, a large propeller inside and a water tank.

Ceiling Duct Fan in China: Solution for Hot Summer

Fan blades are made of steel or plastic, the size of the blades is quite large, which helps the air flow to be strong and far away, bringing comfort to everyone around in hot weather. When the fan runs, the steam will be spread in the space, so people do not have dry skin, feeling the space has a pleasant cool humidity.

The outer shell of the air conditioner fan is usually made from high-quality ABS plastic. This is a durable material, good impact resistance, heat resistance, easy to clean and sanitize.

Ceiling Duct Fan in China 

Difference Between an Industrial Fan and A Regular Fan?

Although the common function of these two types of fans is to cool, but for industrial air conditioner fans, the capacity is stronger, the wind flow is more, can cool to a very long distance from 8-10m in a day. then the normal fan is only 5-7m. The cool air emitted by the air conditioner fan is also much more comfortable because of the humidity, ensuring the health of everyone around.

For large factory and office spaces, instead of installing expensive air conditioners, the installation of industrial ceiling duct fan in china brings much higher economic efficiency because of lower power consumption.

The ability to reduce the room temperature of the air conditioner fan is very good. With normal fan lines only cooling and reducing 3-4 degrees compared to normal temperature, the air conditioner fan has the ability to reduce the air temperature about 10-15 degrees compared to the original temperature.

Quotation of industrial evaporative coolers

Steam coolers are mainly imported and supplied in the country through a number of brands, depending on the quality, each type of cooler has different prices. However, to buy the right type of machine with the price suitable requires customers to learn and take a lot of time.

Wind Cutting Fan – Industrial Cold Room Wind Barrier

Industrial duct fans are popular in the doors of cold rooms. The job of the fan is to not let cold air from the cold room escape when the door is open. It is to avoid loss of cold flow. Consumes electricity in the room, in addition, the fan also prevents impurities and odors from entering the room.

This type of fan is quite suitable for environments. Here the density of people in and out often affects the flow of cold and air in the room. Currently, the ceiling duct fan in china comes quite commonly. Similarly, it brings many benefits and advantages to the industry. business, especially companies.

Ceiling Duct Fan in China 2022

Ceiling duct fan in china is Suitable for Cutting the Air

The blower fan usually comes on the door where the most people use and dissipate the most heat. This depends on the width of the door. We have the appropriate size of the fan.

Industrial windbreak fan

If the door is longer, we can install the fan parallel to each other. It is to ensure the full length of the door, in general, no matter how long your door is, there will be a fan to cut the air to fit.

Environment to Install the Blower Fan

Ceiling duct fan in china install in environments with two separate spaces, which have a frequent entry and exit density, such as:

  • in hospitals
  •  restaurants
  •  Cafeterias
  •  cold storages
  •  Drugstores
  •  food courts, industrial parks, etc.

 The company has central air conditioning, offices, and warehouses etc.

Currently, the blower fan also has many modern features:

  • the sensor when opening the warehouse door
  •  the fan will automatically turn on to ensure that no impurities fly into the warehouse

Difference between Ceiling Duct Fan in China and a Civil Blower

The function of the blower fan is to create an air film that separates two different environments.

However, different use environments, customers should pay attention to make an effective choice. In the industry there are different environments, and different installation heights, and more continuous operation than other types of blowers installed for civil. You need to pay attention when referencing.

Structure of Centrifugal Fan

This is a type of air intake fan designed with a shaft that reads based on centrifugal force. After the rack sucks inward, the fan will push it in a straight direction with this axis. The structure of the ceiling duct fan in china will usually include a full range of parts such as:

  • the fan wheel
  • shell
  •  shaft and machine rack

 Each part will promote its own use to create an extremely effective suction device.

Ceiling Duct Fan in China Has a Solid and Durable Structure

The fan's rotation will create a pressure to increase the speed of drawing air into the inside of the fan. Meanwhile, the outer shell of the fan will support the direction of the air flow so that the air goes straight into the spinning wheel.

For each type of fan with different sizes, the fan cover will mount directly on the body or placed separately on the pedestal to create a solid fulcrum.

Industrial ceiling duct fan in china usually have a door installation height of 4 to 8m high for goods. Similarly it serves the needs of the factory. The engine and capacity of the fan is very large. Moreover, the industrial environment is different from the civil environment, with a larger wind level, a higher temperature difference on the type of blower fan. It is not possible as in the parameters.

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