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Everything To Know About Wall Mounting Fan

2021-09-27 hqt

What To Know About Wall Mounting Fan

Who would not be aware of a wall mounting fan? These are the air circulators that are integral components for every facility or home. Without these fans, you would not be able to introduce easy and quick cooking within the room. Ceiling fans are there for several decades, helping people ensure a sufficient enough airy indoor environment. However, wall-mounted fans are their new counterparts with many additional features. Wall-mounted fans are can work in those areas or facilities where a traditional ceiling fan cannot.

In this post, we will go through the different applications of wall mounting fans. Along with that, we’ll also take a look at the features that makes wall-mounted fans a unique and better choice than their counterparts.

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Why and When to Choose a Wall Mounting Fan?

Today, building structures tend to be more unique and versatile than ever before. Therefore, it is essential to choose a fan type according to the building structures and available spaces. A wall mounting fan is a perfect choice when there is not much space in the room. Most people choose wall-mounted fans for small spaces where a ceiling fan is not a suitable choice due to its bigger size. The working is a wall-mounted fan is a little different from a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans circulate air, while wall-mounted fans use the surrounding air and push it in the desired directions.

Moreover, ceiling fans only throw the room air down. You should install a wall-mounted fan when you want to:

  • Save your floor space
  • Circulate AC cooking in the room
  • Introduce quick movement of evaporative air

Interestingly, wall-mounted fans are available in various designs and sizes. Therefore, you can easily pick one according to your interior design and overall space.

Applications of Wall-Mounting Fans

Because wall-mounted fans have to serve numerous applications so we have so many varieties available to choose from. They are suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Here are the most common applications or use cases of a wall mounting fan.

1. Residential Use

The air circulation in closed areas, such as basements, playrooms, and home gyms must be highly efficient to counter issues like stuffiness. Small areas with highly tight spacing and upholstery can cause additional ventilation problems. However, you can introduce an adequate flow of air inside your room, including tight corners and small spaces by installing a wall-mounted fan.

2. Kitchens

A kitchen is the heart of any home as well as commercial places like restaurants. We prepare meals in kitchens daily. It is a place where we spend a lot of time throughout the day. So, it needs to be a highly comfortable place with sufficient air circulation. We cannot install ceiling fans in a kitchen because there are already many overhead lights occupying the ceiling space. Therefore, it is always a rational decision to consider a wall mounting fan for kitchens. You can install a wall-mounted fan on a corner or around the cabinets to ensure sufficient ventilation and air circulation.

3. Garages

Wall-mounted fans are also suitable for tight and closed working spaces, such as workshops, sheds, or garages. These are the places that gather hot air so quickly. Installation of air conditioners or ceiling fans in such spaces is not an ideal decision due to limited floor space. Things, such as tools, parked vehicles, and workstation benches can impede pedestal or table fans. Installing compact and powerful wall-mounting fans is a more rational decision in such spaces.

4. Outdoor Spaces and Patios

Outdoor areas and patios are not only limited to homes. We can commonly see such spaces for commercial properties, including restaurants and beach-front for dining and social gathering. But, not all such properties come with the same vast spaces. If the outdoor area is smaller, it will heat so quickly if there are more patrons. In such a situation, the installation of a wall mounting fan is a perfect solution. It will help you maintain a comfortable temperature by providing the necessary circulation.

5. Greenhouses

We require considerable circulation of the air and ventilation in indoor growing areas and greenhouses. Massive lighting and humidifiers in such spaces assist in the growth of plants. However, it also causes moist and humid air trapped inside. Installation of a wall-mounted fan will help you evenly distribute the air in these areas. Consequently, it prevents issues like rot, mold, and plant drying.

Wall-Mounting Fan Features

When it comes to buying the right wall-mounted fan, your selection should depend on a few essential factors. You must know the features of a fan before you buy one for your space. Mounting arrangement and size are the most common features of a wall-mounted fan. Here are the essential features of a wall-mounted fan you need to know.

1. Fan Size

When purchasing a new wall-mounted fan, your first consideration must be the right size fan. Wall-mounted fans are available in various sizes. Therefore, you must choose the right size fan that must produce adequate ventilation and airflow in the room.

2. Fan Quality

Here, we are talking about the build quality of the wall mounting fan. Like variations in sizes, the quality of the fan will also vary from one fan to another. Generally, the best quality wall-mounted fan will be lightweight. A wall-mounted fan low in weight is perfect for office and home use. If you need wall-mounted fans for industrial use, you should opt for a sturdier wall-mounted fan than domestic ones.

3. Fan Speed

The speed control feature holds immense importance when buying wall-mounted fans. Fans that are too fast will blow papers away from the desk or they might be extremely noisy. If the fan is too slow, the air circulation in the space will be inadequate. If the fan has multiple speed controls, you will be able to adjust the fan speed according to your workplace. Therefore, it is essential to keep this factor in mind while buying a wall-mounted fan.

4. Oscillation

The wall-mounted fan oscillation is another essential feature. But, you should try to find a fan that offers you the choice of turning this function off, when required. It will help you achieve airflow in your desired direction.

5. Remote Control

Some wall-mounted fan models also come with additional features like remoter controls. While it is an optional feature, but it will help you control the fan easily in a commercial setting or office.  This feature helps you turn on/off your fan quickly without any hassle.

Keeping the above-listed features in mind while buying a wall mounting fan should help you choose the most appropriate fan for your space. To know more about wall-mounted fans, you can contact us anytime.