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Exhaust Fan Manufacturer: 2 Best Types to Buy in 2022

2022-01-10 hqt

Exhaust fan manufacturer is known for its centrifugal exhaust fan, which is a type of fan that draws air along the axis based on the centrifugal force exerted around the fan housing, then the wind is pushed out in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the fan. Exhaust fans come into 2 main types including:

  1. Direct centrifugal fan
  2. Indirect centrifugal fan

Direct exhaust Fan

With direct centrifugal fans, the motor is mounted directly on the impeller. This type of fan has the advantage of having a fast air intake speed, but you cannot use them in an acidic environment or a very hot environment.

Indirect exhaust Fan

Indirect centrifugal fans are the opposite; the motor attaches to the impeller by a belt. When the motor works, it will make the wire move and pull the propeller to rotate. It has a very high heat resistance, so you can put it in any environment including acidic environments.

However, in terms of air intake speed, it is not as good as a direct centrifugal fan.

In the following article, Exhaust fan manufacturer will introduce the large flow medium pressure centrifugal fan so that you can better understand this popular centrifugal fan line.

Exhaust Fan Manufacturer

Exhaust Fan’s Pressure Head with a Large Wind Flow

High-flow medium-pressure centrifugal fan is a product with a pressure head of 500 - 4,500 Pa, with a large wind flow of 1000 m3/h - 100,000 m3/h. exhaust fan has high efficiency, large flow, conveys pressurized air.

 Using the air supply and drainage according to the pipeline common to absorb smoke, dust, and heat in complex works where ventilation fans

The rear-tilt curved blade design creates high working efficiency, usually reaching 76-86%, low noise. Exhaust fan manufacturer introduces the outstanding feature of this design is that the motor is not overloaded when the fan is not connected to the system.

Working principle of medium-sized centrifugal fan

  • Design standard number of blades and reasonable angle of inclination to create greater flow and pressure
  • The propeller is driven indirectly through the bearing and belt
  • With this design to separate the engine to ensure high durability (avoid dust, high temperature, high humidity, etc.)
  • Easy to adjust the speed when needed

Exhaust fan manufacturer details structure

  • The fan comes from CT3 steel, stainless steel…. Painted an outer layer, so the fan looks very solid and luxurious
  • The whole fan is processed by the world's most modern technology: CNC laser cutting, CNC bending, CNC turning
  • The propeller is dynamically balanced, with a new generation digital control dynamic balancing system, the fan runs stably, without vibration and noise.
  • The engines are imported from famous and quality brands: ATT, Teco, Bonifi, …
  • Solid design fan, durable motor, high temperature resistance
  • Medium pressure centrifugal fan with forward curved blade structure
  • Low noise and large air flow, very effective for vacuuming dust and exhaust gas requiring large air flow.
Exhaust Fan Manufacturer 2022

Practical application by exhaust fan manufacturer

Apply air supply blowing for: furnaces, boilers, fresh air supply or exhaust gas extraction, dust extraction for buildings, hotels...

Using exhaust gas that generates small and fine dust such as wood dust or dust, iron filings generated by metal polishing, etc.

 + Capacity: On request.

+ Voltage: 220V – 380V

Flow: On request.

+ Head pressure: On request.

+ Transmission: Indirectly through the belt.

+ Materials: CT3 steel, stainless steel.

- In addition, to suck the waste wind from the factory, vacuum for the wood industry, the chemical industry, where the pressure is from 500 to 100,000Pa, use this fan.

Outstanding Features of exhaust fan manufacturer

  • The fan is solidly built, easy to disassemble for maintenance and replacement
  • The locations that generate dust rarely install in the duct, sucking up fine dust: iron, sand, ceramic, wood, dust from wood, sawdust.
  • Moreover, exhaust fans are common a lot in industrial buildings, factories and in places with high temperature.
  • Protective paint with smooth, durable paint helps to increase aesthetics, color fastness helps to increase aesthetics
  • Protect the fan from the impact of the environment, increase the life of the fan
  • Warranty policy, complete language, with a clear certificate of origin, customers can rest assured wit exhaust fan manufacturer.

Fan is a mechanical device that has been widely common in many fields with many different types. The main function is to transport air from one place to another to meet the requirements of daily life, agricultural and industrial processes.

Currently on the market there are many types of industrial fans with many different models to suit each user's needs.

However, the most common on the market, there are usually 3 types of fans:

  1. centrifugal fans
  2.  axial fans
  3. Furthermore, axial fans and combined fans

 In particular, exhaust fan manufacturer centrifugal and axial fans are the most popular and popular fan lines on the market.

To better understand each type of fan, please join us to follow the article below.

Classification of industrial fans

There are 4 common types of fans build by exhaust fan manufacturer

  1. Axial fan (axial-fan)
  2. Moreover, exhaust fan
  3. Mixed-flow fan
  4. Similarly, cross-flow fan

 In which two types of axial and centrifugal fans are most common in systems.

B. Fan systems may include

  • Fan with motor + drive + speed control inverter.
  • Input device: dust filter, cyclone, heat exchanger…
  • Output device: filter dust, cyclone, or other materials. such as particulate layer.
  • Piping system: pipes, pipes, transitions, and valves…

Exhaust fan


  1. The blades of the rotor of the centrifugal fan hold between the support face and the retaining ring.
  2. The rotor is common in the fan housing with a helical circumference.
  3. Air enters from the suction mouth through the support ring
  4. Thus, the direction of the inlet air flow is perpendicular to the direction of the outlet gas.
 Working principle of an exhaust fan

The structure of the centrifugal exhaust fan includes: Fan wheel, machine shaft, machine rack and fan shell.

In particular, the spinning wheel works to create pressure and transfer air into the machine.

The fan works on the principle of centrifugal pump provided by exhaust fan manufacturer, when working, the rotor will draw air along the shaft, at this time the pressure at the center of the small fan will move the air from high pressure to low pressure.

 In other words, the air circulates to the center of the fan and given more centrifugal energy.