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Exhaust Fan variable speed control Guide

2022-05-27 hqt

What exhaust fans are and how they work?

Exhaust Fan variable speed control are small devices with blades that fit inside the hood. They can also install individually, as in the case of their use in bathrooms without windows or in very smoky or busy public environments.

Exhaust Fan variable speed control

Centrifugal fans consist of an electric motor and a propeller, also known as a fan. Its function is to inhale fumes and odors thanks to the action of the centrifugal force.

 Of course, exhaust Fan variable speed control has more powerful the motor, the faster the fan will spin and the more efficient and effective it will be for the purpose. The power of the fan must be chosen according to the size of the room you want to vacuum.

What to do in case of hood extractor fan failure?

The kitchen suction system consisting of hood and centrifugal extractor is a mandatory safety device. It can happen that it breaks down, breaks down or loses its effectiveness and, in this case, it is necessary to intervene promptly to avoid accidents or problems.

Here are the signs that your exhaust fan variable speed control is not working and therefore you must replace it or call a technician for repair:

  • does not light up;
  • makes excessive noise, clattering or as if there are broken pieces inside;
  • gives off an unpleasant or burning smell;
  • Freezes during operation or blades struggle to turn.

How do you calculate this figure of exhaust fan variable speed control?

Here is the simple formula to apply to make sure you don't make a wrong purchase or that it doesn't meet your security needs or names.

Using this calculation you have the guarantee of 15 airs recycles per hour, which is the ideal number to always obtain clean and deodorized domestic air:

Kitchen height x kitchen width x kitchen width (in cubic meters) x 15

The data obtained is the recommended flow rate of the ideal centrifugal extractor for your kitchen. Of course, it is not a good idea to choose a device with a lower range, even if cheaper, because you would risk making an investment and then find yourself having to change it because it is inefficient or not compliant with the norm.

Install the exhaust fan variable speed control yourself if you have the skills;

Ask for the help of a specialized technician.

Characteristics of a good centrifugal extractor

Let's see what are the focal points that distinguish a good exhaust fan from a poor quality one? In this way it is possible to make a conscious and targeted purchase, without unnecessary waste of time or risk margin of spending your money on a non-functional product.

The exhaust fan variable speed control fan for the kitchen hood must be:

  • a CE certified product to guarantee safety and good quality of the materials use
  • with sufficient flow to ensure the recirculation of the room in which it installs
  • able to perform at least 15 recirculation’s per hour
  • silent
  • powerful enough to create enough centrifugal force to suck up steam, smoke and odors
  • of excellent quality and a reliable brand, to last over time and not require continuous maintenance
  • Exhaust fan variable speed control has a good quality / price ratio.

These are very important features for a kitchen hood extractor and should never underestimate when choosing this important appliance. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the measurements of your hood and to opt for a fan extractor compatible with them.

Installation of the exhaust fan

Example for you buy an exhaust fan variable speed control from authorized dealers, usually the installation is done by one of their technicians, paying for it separately. You prefer an online purchase; you can save on the initial price and proceed in two ways:

Further, if you choose to install the exhaust fan variable speed control yourself, it will be sufficient to keep the booklet contained in the package, which certifies that it is a compliant product. However, the invitation to proceed with the do-it-yourself renews only if you are sure you are able to do a job in a workmanlike manner.

Exhaust Fan variable speed control 2022

Maintenance of exhaust fans

Kitchen hood extractors, like all hygienic devices, need to clean periodically. In general, for optimal maintenance, it is sufficient to clean 2-3 times a year.

These times also depend a lot on subjective factors. For example if in the kitchen:

  • fires are kept on for many a day because they love to cook a lot and often;
  • you smoke;
  • The windows open a little to ventilate.

The exhaust fan variable speed control will need to clean more often. Making a normal use, calculated on the activity of a family of four, it is sufficient to dedicate oneself to its maintenance a couple of times a year.

Why clean a centrifugal extractor?

For several reasons:

  • the clean and sanitized blades prevent bacteria, viruses, dust and mold from contaminating the clean air introduced into the room;
  • if dusty, the blades could smell bad, as if they were stale;
  • If dust balls accumulate inside the extractor, these could, with the movement of the blades, fly around the kitchen.

How to clean an exhaust fan variable speed control?

Cleaning the kitchen hood extractor is very simple.  Alternatively, you can use a few drops of normal liquid detergent for washable surfaces.

Tips to avoid damaging

  • always use duvets with handles, avoid putting your hands near the blades which could be sharp;
  • prefer hot water which kills bacteria and viruses;
  • do not use scratching or corrosive sponges but dust duvets or, at most, very soft microfiber cloths;
  • squeeze the duvet or sponge well and use them only slightly damp and not soaked in water;
  • Do not use foamy detergents on exhaust fan variable speed control or it will be very difficult to rinse.

Here are some more tips to avoid damaging the vacuum cleaner during cleaning

  • Moreover, do not use antibacterial products or chemical disinfectants because when the fan is running it would spread them into the air and could be toxic if inhaled;
  • do not use bleach or ammonia for the same reason;
  • Similarly, do not dry because if you have the foresight to squeeze the sponge well there will be no need and the blades will dry by themselves in a few minutes;
  • Do not put your hands inside the exhaust fan variable speed control with the intention of cleaning it better.

If problems arise later, the manufacturer is responsible for the first year and the retailer for the second.