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Flexible 4-inch Aluminum Ducting: 5 Reasons to Buy

2022-05-11 hqt

It is necessary to pay attention to the following points to choose an effective flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting.

Flexible 4-inch Aluminum Ducting

You should note the following 5 points:

  1. It is not important to choose a de-circulating fan because it is not suitable for cooking practices and climatic conditions in Vietnam.
  2. With a fan size of 60 - 70 cm (equivalent to a double stove or kitchen 3), choose a aluminum ducting with a flow of 500 to 650 m3 / hour.
  3. For a fan with a size of 90 cm (equivalent to stove 4), choose a model with a flow rate of 750 to 1000 m3/hour.
  4. Choose to buy a fan with a simple structure that is easy to remove and install when cleaning and maintenance is required.
  5. Select the type of aluminum ducting (kitchen fan, toilet fan ...) with the capacity and wind flow suitable to the characteristics and area of ​​the space to be ventilated.

When comparing fan types, you should choose a fan with a higher flow/power ratio. It will have higher performance.

In there:

  • The fan's airflow is in m3/hour.
  • Fan power in watts.

3 important notes when installing flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting

The following article will mention to you some important notes when choosing and installing the most popular greenhouse flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting today.

The role of the aluminum ducting system in the greenhouse

The environment inside the greenhouse is a closed, artificial environment that is provided with light, nutrients, moisture, and water for plants to grow and develop under human quality control.

But the most important aspect of environmental management in a greenhouse is the ventilation system.

Plants need perfect lighting conditions and adequate nutrition. Without a well-functioning ventilation system inevitably suffer and fail to reach maximum efficiency.

Ventilation systems for greenhouses serve all four very important purposes at the same time:

  • Temperature control.
  • Humidity control.
  • Control the air circulation.
  • Add CO2.

Thus, the selection and installation of flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting for greenhouses is an important issue. Many gardeners need to prioritize when building agricultural greenhouses.

2 lines of aluminum ducting are commonly good for greenhouses

There are 2 main lines of aluminum ducting commonly good for greenhouses with different uses:

1. Industrial exhaust fan

This is a square fan with a large air volume that sucks hot air and CO2 emissions from plants inside the greenhouse. Similarly, it ensures the best temperature and CO2 concentration for photosynthetic plants. .
Flexible 4-inch Aluminum Ducting 2022

With large-scale greenhouses, large areas, without this exhaust fan system. It will be difficult for plants to grow, especially in the summer when the temperature inside the greenhouse increases.

2. Circular axial fan

This is a smaller fan that comes above the tree that provides wind and cools the upper air in the greenhouse. It helps air to circulate, cool, and keep the leaves dry pests.

Compared with the industrial square fan, the flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting fan has a smaller airflow and volume.

3 important notes when installing greenhouse exhaust fans

1. Choose a fan model and install it properly

Depending on the area of ​​the greenhouse, the characteristics of the plants inside the greenhouse, we choose to install an industrial square exhaust fan, a circular axial fan or a combination of both types of fans.

You need to pay attention to the position and distance between the flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting. It is to ensure that the entire plant is cooled and ventilated without affecting the net house membrane.

2. Calculate the optimal number of flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting

Starting from the area of ​​the greenhouse and the type of fan you want to install, you need to calculate the amount of air and the number of flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting to buy.

This step helps us to ensure effective ventilation for plants while still optimizing investment costs and avoiding waste.

3. Periodically clean and maintain the exhaust fan

This step not only helps the greenhouse aluminum ducting system work more durable but also has the effect of preventing pests and insects harmful to plants.

Why should industrial fans be good for factories?  

Industrial fans have an effect on ventilation in the factory.

4 characteristics of the factory

  • Workshops usually have a large area, and investment in solid construction to ensure that machines and workers work continuously without being affected or interrupted by external factors.
  • The roofing material of these industrial factories is usually cement, tile, corrugated iron, etc. The wall comes of bricks combined with corrugated iron, and the disadvantage is strong and hot heat absorption.

Industrial factory with machine system operating at full capacity

  • When the machinery is operating, it generates heat, making the environment inside the factory always high, especially in the summer in the North and the hot season in the South.
  • The dust in the air comes from the characteristics of each workshop such as: cloth dust of garment factories, wood dust of craft workshops, stone dust, etc., affecting workers' health and production efficiency of the enterprise.

5 reasons to install flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting

With the large scale and the need for cooling and ventilation almost all year round of industrial factories, the need to install flexible 4-inch aluminum ducting is always a top priority. Choosing and installing the right industrial fan has the following effects:

  1. Cooling, sucking hot air inside the factory to the outside.
  2. Vacuuming dust and exhaust helps the factory cool down, the air is fresher.
  3. The investment cost of buying a fan and cooling is much cheaper and more effective than using an air conditioner.
  4. Industrial fans are easy to install, easy to maintain, and have a long service life.
  5. Simple parts replacement and repair.


Periodically check and maintain the fan once every 3 months or once a month. It is to help people detect problems or failures of the fan to promptly fix and replace.