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5 tips to Use Grow Fan Speed Controller

2022-03-01 hqt

Single phase fan speed controller

If you use a fan equipped with a single-phase electric motor to create a comfortable indoor climate, then there is an opportunity to increase its efficiency. Moreover, you can purchase grow fan speed controller for servicing climate equipment on the First Passage website.

Grow Fan Speed Controller

Characteristics of the speed controller

A single-phase fan speed controller designs to smoothly adjust the speed of its engine. In addition, such a device will ensure more productive operation of ventilation equipment, reducing the wear of parts of its mechanism.

Speed ​​Controller Components:

  • Plastic case;
  • Control board;
  • Safety system;
  • Operating mode setting knob.

Moreover, a single-phase speed controller can connect to any fan model. The exception is three-phase devices, for which there are separate control devices.

The device is equipped with a fuse

The regulator requires a standard mains voltage of 220 V and a current of 1.5 A. Due to its robust design, it can operate at temperatures over 40 degrees. The simplicity of the grow fan speed controller will allow you to master its control in a few minutes. 

In addition, for ease of connection, the controller mounts on the wall in close proximity to the fan. Moreover, in case of overload in the network, the device equips with a fuse, which, if necessary, can easily replace.

Main advantages of fan speed controller

A convenient setting knob allows you to easily select any desired fan operation mode. Regardless of the value set, the mechanism will ensure smooth operation of the equipment. The regulator itself is enclosed in a reliable case that protects the main mechanism from damage. The grow fan speed controller is lightweight and compact in size.
If necessary, the controller can connect to several fans at once. The only limitation is the amount of current consumed during the simultaneous operation of these units.

The fan speed controller is common in household appliances

To make this unit last for a long time, a fan speed control is common. In addition, it helps to set the desired speed of rotation of the blades. Moreover, this technique reduces the noise of the device and prolongs its service life.

What are grow fan speed controller?

The speed controller (also called the controller) helps to reduce the speed when necessary, or increase them. Essentially, it changes the voltage applied to the device. This small device connects to the equipment according to a special scheme.

Why is it needed?

If the fan is constantly running at maximum power, this will reduce its life. The device quickly wears out and breaks.

Moreover, speed ​​control not only reduces fan wear, but also reduces power consumption.

Speed ​​controller functions:

  • Reduction of wear of mechanisms,
  • Noise reduction,
  • Saving electricity.

How it works: principle of operation and device

The principle of operation of the grow fan speed controller is to change the voltage and speed of the engine. In addition, this affects the air exchange and changes the power of the air flow.

Different methods can be common to control the speed:

  1. Change in voltage applied to the winding.
  2. Changing the frequency of the current.

Moreover, the second method is almost never common, since frequency drives are very expensive, many times more than the fan itself and it is not always advisable to purchase them. 

Grow Fan Speed Controller 2022

Why fan speed controller is the most common?

Grow fan speed controller can even cover not one, but several engines. The main thing is that the current value does not exceed the limit value.

Moreover, frequency models can be common in any range from 0 to 480 V, they are common for three-phase fan motors up to 75 kW.

Transformer regulators are common for more powerful fans. They are single-phase or three-phase, allow you to smoothly reduce the speed of revolutions, and can control several fans.

The most common device is a fan controller

In addition, it is easy to connect independently using the diagram. Each of the fans reduces the voltage. Adjustment is made using the control unit. The power of the grow fan speed controller has limits, it cannot withstand high voltage.

Important points:

  • The fan motor must protect against overheating.
  • Do not use dimmers from lighting fixtures as regulators.

The regulator has the following principle of operation

At the input there is a supply voltage of 220 V. The winding has several branches to which the load connects, and then the voltage decreases. Moreover, when the voltage drops, the power consumption also decreases. Using a switch, the motor is connected to the desired part of the winding and then the voltage changes.

Step transformer regulator

This grow fan speed controller uses a transformer. This is an ordinary transformer, only it has one winding and there are taps from some of the turns.

In addition, usually five voltage levels are common, that is, the fan will have five speeds of rotation. Such a regulator can be common both for reversible fans and for several devices at the same time. The maximum fan power should be no more than 80 watts.

Autotransformer with electronic control

These models are among the most reliable and powerful. For the price, this is the most expensive device. It has small dimensions and weight.

A grow fan speed controller works on the principle of pulse-width modulation. Moreover, changes in pulses and pause between them gives a change in voltage and, accordingly, the speed of rotation of the fan.

In addition, the device has a reduced noise level; the speed can be reduced or increased in steps, in accordance with a decrease or increase in voltage.

Controllers for adjusting the rotation of fans

These are the most common devices for adjusting the rotation of fans. They are common for single-phase AC fans. The fan controller changes the rotation speed up or down depending on the voltage change. It can install in devices where there is protection against overheating.

What to consider when choosing a device?

Moreover, when choosing a grow fan speed controller, some features should be considered. It is imperative that this type is suitable for your fan. In addition, there are other points to consider as well.

  • Some controllers provide the ability to connect multiple fans.
  • Some models have additional features.
  • If the 220 V fan motor has thermal protection, then a fan regulator must be common.
  • When purchasing a regulator, look at its technical characteristics, compare with other models.
  • Estimate the size of the controller, its cost, installation method.