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4 Best Types of Industrial Grow Ventilation Fans in 2021

2021-10-30 hqt
Industrial Grow Ventilation

Playing an important role in creating circulation, cooling and fresh air, industrial grow ventilation fans are indispensable products in industrial parks, livestock and farming households. To suit different spaces, installation locations or working environments, manufacturers have come up with models with different features.

Below is a summary of 6 common industrial exhaust fan sizes that are chosen and common by many people today.

Industrial exhaust fan 600×600

Basic parameters:

  • Dimensions: 600x600x300
  • From China
  • Power: 0.25kw
  • Flow: 15,000m3/h
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Material: Steel, stainless steel

Industrial grow ventilation is a square-body axial ventilation fan with dimensions of 600mmx600mmx300mm, direct movement for large air flow of 15,000m3/h, suitable for installation in many areas of factories, livestock barns to solve the needs of ventilation, reduce heat, absorb odors, dust, ...

The fan comes with new technology and is manufactured on modern production lines, using high-quality materials, so the product is durable and resistant to corrosion. Therefore, they can be common in all harsh environments.

What features industrial grow ventilation offer?

100% copper wire motor, high quality stainless steel wings, thick material frame with anti-impact cable. Especially industrial grow ventilation comes with protective shutters to avoid rain water and dust and they have the ability to automatically open and close flexibly.

400×400 square ventilation fan is one of the most common industrial square fans at the moment. The fan is small in size 400mmx400mmx300mm. The fan has a motor structure that directly attaches to the blade to reduce noise, with a wind flow of 8,000 m3 / h to help bring efficiency in hot air, odors, ventilation, etc.

The frame system comes from thick galvanized sheet to ensure the best protection for the engine inside. 6 blades 25cm version made of high quality stainless steel, pulley from aluminum alloy, double ball bearings with high stability.

Why do you need industrial grow ventilation?

The industrial grow ventilation fan has a protective mesh and has shutters to prevent external impacts such as rain water, dirt, garbage, etc.

Industrial exhaust fan 500×500 is an industrial square fan with dimensions of 500x500x300mm, and wind flow of 10,000 m3/h, capacity of 0.25Kw. Moreover, it is suitable for installation in factory spaces, laboratories, and tight locations. Narrow not too big.

The structure is similar to the above two fan lines with direct, axial movement, mesh and protective shutters.

Designed elegantly with high aesthetics, safe and economical

industrial grow ventilation is a large-sized industrial ventilation fan with a capacity of 1.1KW, indirect movement through the belt for wind flow up to 44500m3/h, so the product is suitable for use in areas with large area.

The fan has a 6-blade structure comes of high-quality stainless steel, a sturdy outer frame that bears the force from the outside, a high-quality rubber belt system for durability, noise reduction and easy cleaning.

This is also a relatively large fan, 900×900 ventilation fan is a square body axial exhaust fan with a wind flow of 28,000 suitable for installation in large spaces.

Similar to industrial grow ventilation, the 900×900 exhaust fan also has an axial structure, indirect drive through the belt, 6 high-grade stainless steel blades, a sturdy frame system against good rust.

Industrial ventilation fan 300×300

Fan specs:

  • Size: 300×300
  • Power: 0.25 KW
  • Moreover, flow: 8,000 m3/h
  • Similarly, 18 month warranty
  • Status: In stock

Industrial exhaust fan 300×300 is a small-sized ventilation fan with low air flow of m3/h, suitable for installation in narrow and small spaces with the role of ventilation, improving air quality, etc.

Why do people choose industrial grow ventilation?

Industrial Grow Ventilation 2021

Ventilation fans are devices that play an important role in human life and production activities. The optimal solution to overcome all environmental and air problems is to use industrial grow ventilation.

Therefore, ventilation fans, especially industrial ventilation fans, are increasingly installed and common. How to install the ventilation fan correctly, bring high efficiency and what factors to pay attention to, let's find out in this article.

How to choose to install the right wall-mounted industrial exhaust fan?

Calculate and choose the right fan for your needs

1, Determine the volume of the place where the ventilation fan is installed according to the formula: Length x width x height (m2)

2, Moreover, calculate the amount of air circulating in the specified area in a time unit (hour)

3, Calculate the amount of air circulating in space

4, similarly, choose a ventilation fan with a capacity of compared to the actual demand of 600 CMH

Some notes when calculating industrial grow ventilation installation

Ventilation fan installation instructions

1-Determine the volume where the ventilation fan is installed

This is a very important thing that determines the efficiency of the industrial grow ventilation when using the exhaust fan. Furthermore, this depends on the large and small space. Similarly, you can choose a fan of the right size and capacity to minimize waste or not meet the needs of use.

Determine where to install ventilation fans

It is necessary to design and determine the location of the ventilation fan to be able to bring the best effect; usually the ventilation fan product is mounted on the wall and high near the roof.

Besides, you need to note that we need to install fans at the central points of the space and if the space is large, the number of devices is needed.

Preparing instruments

And for the installation process to take place quickly and smoothly, we should have all the necessary tools ready. Now let's start installing the wall industrial grow ventilation through the instructions below:

  1. Installation instructions for wall mounted industrial ventilation fans
  2. Measure the size, drill the waiting hole
  3. Moreover, industrial ventilation fan installation
  4. Make a sturdy stand for the fan
  5. Similarly, install wall mounted industrial ventilation fan
  6. Furthermore, install the fan and fix it

What should be noted when installing industrial grow ventilation fans?

Choose the right industrial grow ventilation fan for the space you use

Before installation, make sure to disconnect the power supply to ensure safety during implementation.

Industrial fan 1 phase

Single-phase industrial grow ventilation fan is a line of fans using single-phase 220V electricity and 50Hz frequency. The fan has a small capacity, does not waste much power. For conductors with 1 hot wire and 1 cold wire with a voltage difference between them of 220V

3 phase industrial electric fan

3-phase industrial fans are fans that use 3-phase ~ 380V electricity. For fan conductors, there are 4 wires in which 3 are hot and 1 are cold. Fan has a large capacity, consumes a lot of power