Centrifugal Duct Fan
Centrifugal Duct Fan
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HEE-P Series


HEE-100P 4 Inch 150 CFM Plastic Silent Circular Centrifugal Duct Fan

This fan is made of high quality polypropylene. Read More
Model HEE-100P
Voltage 100~120/60V, 220~240/50V
Current 0.24/0.60Amps
Power 51/75W
Air Speed 2700RPM


  • The fan motor is a built-in automatic reset thermal protector and NSK ball bearing.
  • This fan is made of high-quality polypropylene with anit-flame and burning material.
  • Easy to maintain: Lighter material fans can be easily cleaned when you deem it necessary. Moreover, certain fans have self-cleaning characteristics, making daily maintenance that much easier.
  • The aerodynamically designed centrifugal impeller of this unit delivers strong airflow with a disproportionately low sound profile.


  • According to aerodynamics, the balanced blades are engineered to minimize noise and vibration, they are ideal for boosting supply air, return air, or venting.
  • The fan is balanced on both sides, with low vibration, balance precision level is G2.5.
  • Remove heat from the system to solves air delivery problems without major system rework or expense.

Circular Duct Fan:

  • Duct Size: 4”| Airflow: 150CFM | Air Pressure: 353 Pa | Voltage: 220-240V- 60-120W
  • Suitable for various environments such as workshops, indoor growing rooms, warehouses, etc.
  • Fluted on both ends to be easy mounted inline with the existing ductwork to increase airflow or exhaust.
  • External-rotor motor with overheat protection

Power and Performance:

  • Power Consumption: The HEE-100P Booster Fan is very power efficient with just 50-75W consumption. It can save power up to %210.
  • It has an RPM of 2800 to blow out the best airflow of 150 CFM.
  • Product Durability: The best HEE-100P Booster Fan with a rust-free coated steel body.
  • Operation temperature range: -20℃~60℃.

Low Noise:

  • This product comes with low noise technology of just 40db as compared to other loud booster fans. High-quality design and blower fan blades make low noise and low vibration over all the speed ranges.
  • There is no other noise or vibration in this product due to its compact and stiff design.
  • Strong and heavily inflammable plastic casing with integrated terminal box.


  • It can be easily installed to cover huge areas like halls and official use or home use.
  • Hongguan Fans, while manufacturing the product focuses on every aspect of quality and usability for any type of use.
  • Multiple sizes. These fans are available in several sizes to accommodate diverse applications—such as those found in tight spaces or difficult to reach areas.
  • Sound absorbent cotton and sound wave holes are built inside to reduce the noise levels.


The HEE-100P is 6 inches based Circular Centrifugal Duct Fan that can be used in the most effective ways to improve your indoor airflow. The power consumption of just 50-75W makes it power efficient. HEE-100P air purifier has a powerful air throw with a fan speed of 2800 RPM for an airflow of 314/570m³h, thanks to AC motor. It is made as an inline-duct Circular Centrifugal Duct Fan and it can be installed easily in just a few minutes at desired placements with all the necessary equipment packed with the package. This is the perfect product to buy in 2021 equipped with all the necessities.

HEE-100P graph

Model Voltage
Air Speed
Air Pressure
Net Weight
HEE-100P 220~240/50 100 0.24 51 2700 255 353 41 2.7
100~120/60 0.60 75 2700 255 411 41
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