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HF-P Series


HF-200P 8 Inch 494 CFM Mixed-flow Inline Duct Fan

Fan blade is designed according to fluid dynamics principle to reach optimal airflow and air pressure. Read More
Model HF-200P
Voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Diameter 200 mm
Current 0.52/0.53Amps, 1.3/1.6Amps
Power 123/128W, 135/165W

Product Detail:

  • HF-200P 8 Inch 494 CFM material of frame: Environmental protection material ABS.
  • Application: quietly ventilate grow tents, transfer heating/cooling to rooms, circulate fresh air, cool AV closets, exhaust odours.
  • Protection Grade: IP44 protection level, dust proof and waterproof.
  • 2 speed variants with High and Low.


  • Powerful and Silent: The Mixed flow design combined with a EC motor for a truly quiet and energy efficient performance. With 2 speed variable controller, can precisely optimize the fan's speed and low energy.
  • Hydrodynamics technology fan blade, high efficiency, high air pressure and low noise.
  • HF-200P 8 Inch 494 CFM Fan blade is designed according to hydrodynamic principle to reach the optimal airflow and air pressure, high efficiency working and low energy consumption.

Mixed Air Flow:

  • Duct Size: 8”| Airflow: 494 CFM. | Air Pressure: 352 Pa | Noise: 63dB | Bearings: Dual Ball
  • It comes with Japanese NMB ball bearing, it last long, having the 30,000 hours life.
  • It can be designed with user friendly features such as time delay, temperature sense, humidity sensor or other customized functions based on the need.
  • The Backdraft damper designed inside, to prevent return air and insects.


  • Lower connection costs and faster installation. Protection Grade: IP44
  • The silent duct fans offers solution to ventilation problems, especially in places where people work and live and low sound level is required, such as meeting room, office, hotel, public place, residence, hospital, gym and etc.

Power and Performance:

  • Power Consumption: It has a very low power consumption rate. The efficiency is due to by its latest mechanism and power efficient motor.
  • Exhaust and intake air: Making fresh air to rooms in a quick and reasonably quiet way, circulate fresh air, control humidity, excess heat, smell and air quality in grow area.
  • The Removable duct ends with locking tabs for quick removal and easy maintenance.

Low Noise:

  • This product comes with low noise technology. High quality blades and EC motor performance makes the very low noise.
  • One more important aspect comes with zero vibration, which indicates the perfection of manufacturing of the product.


  • Hongguan, while manufacturing the products focuses on every aspects of quality and usability.
  • Built with cutting edge brushless electronically commutated Motor (EC) motor and dual jet type impeller,
  • Setting angle: Horizontal, vertical and others angle


The new HF-200P 8 Inch 494 CFM is product can be used almost anywhere, as the most effective ways to improve your indoor air in all the ways. It will not only reduce expensive cooling bills at home but will provide you a powerful air flow. The silent and yet effective. It comes with double insulation and environmental friendly material. Small but mighty, you’ll enjoy the power and efficiency of Hongguan Inline silent duct fan. HF-200P 8 Inch 494 CFM with smart air flow. You can just say mixed air flow inline duct fan near me and our product will come up! This is perfect product to buy in 2021 equipped with all the necessities.


Optional Functions

  • Timer
  • Double speed switch
  • Temperature, humidity sensor
  • Three-speed motor (high, middle, low)
Model Speed Voltage Size
Air Speed
Air Pressure
Net Weight
HF-200P H 220-240V/50Hz 200 0.53 128 2450 840 352 63 4.9
L 0.52 123 1950 690 274 55
H 100-120V/60Hz 1.6 165 2450 840 352 63
L 1.3 135 1950 690 274 55
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