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How to avoid thermal shock in Ventilation pipe?

2021-11-05 hqt

The barn Ventilation pipe, also known as the barn ventilation pipe, is often common in pig farms, cow farms, indoor vegetable gardens, nursery plants, ... specialized for sucking odors, vacuuming, etc. Ventilation on the farm.

Table of contents of the Ventilation pipe

  • Industrial barn exhaust pipe
  • Advantages and applications of barn exhaust pipes
  • Note when installing the barn exhaust pipe
  • Industrial barn exhaust pipe
Ventilation pipe

Characterized by large wind volume

Industrial extractor pipe common in farms is characterized by large wind volume, reasonable price, and energy saving for large-scale livestock farms.

The number of needs to search for a barn exhaust pipe is increasing, we can easily understand that, because there are more and more animal husbandry areas, the discharge of odors and dirt is a problem. Inevitable

Ventilation pipe is specialized for sucking hot air and supplying fresh air

Normally, we recommend our customers to use the following series of barn exhaust pipes: round axial exhaust pipe, composite Ventilation pipe, stainless steel square blade ventilation pipe.

 Because these pipes have large airflow, low noise, energy-saving, small pressure, specialized for sucking hot air and supplying fresh air, circulating the barn in the best way.

Advantages and applications of the barn Ventilation pipe

The barn exhaust pipe has the biggest use in sucking air, dirt, odors, and exhaust gases in the livestock areas, and at the same time supplying fresh air inside, providing a fresh living environment for the animals, enhancing resistance, healthy, fast-growing

  • unique flavor
  • industrial quat hut

Outstanding advantages that the barn industrial exhaust pipe possesses:

Extremely good vacuuming ability: true to the name of the barn exhaust pipe, operating with a large capacity, it is easy to clean even in a large space

Low noise level: in terms of noise level, you feel satisfaction, because before production we have researched it very carefully and the noise factor is our top priority and always makes it sound. lowest body.

Long life, stable operation: manufactured from high-quality materials, so many customers love it when using it because it rarely has problems during use.

Cost savings Ventilation pipe

Note when installing the barn Ventilation pipe

Before installing the barn Ventilation pipe, you need to carefully consider the surrounding factors, from location, space, climate.

Before installation, we need to consider what the climate here is like. Vietnam climate we have four seasons all year round, there are 2 seasons where the opposite extreme weather is summer and winter, it can affect the health and growth of livestock.

What is the temperature requirement of Ventilation pipe?

Places with high temperatures need to install ventilation and cooling systems to ensure stable air conditioning and increase resistance for livestock.

The partition system between the cages is also a decisive factor in the installation of pipes. Depending on the brick wall or just the mesh and steel frame, we install it properly.

How to avoid thermal shock in Ventilation pipe?

The type of livestock is also a decisive factor in choosing a reasonable exhaust pipe for the barn. For the type with a small weight, we should choose the Ventilation pipe so that the flow and pressure are suitable to avoid thermal shock

Of course, the installation system, industrial exhaust pipe design is like the closed barn. However, we need to consider when installing in this space, in addition to reducing the temperature in the barn, the removal of odors and waste is essential, especially on rainy and humid days.

Quotation of barn exhaust pipe

Farm exhaust pipes are famous on the market with many different designs and models.

Each style, type, model, then brand, specifications, ... all include a different price. So if you have interest in industrial exhaust pipes, please contact us for a detailed quote.

It is also a Ventilation pipe, but the centrifugal blade design is designed to minimize operating noise and create high efficiency when operating.

Helping to balance humidity and reduce heat

The pipe comes in the ceiling, helping to balance humidity and reduce heat to create a source of fresh air, creating an airy space, without affecting the working environment of workers.

The specially designed ultrasonic duct-connected exhaust pipe is capable of high-volume ventilation. Currently, ultrasonic ducted ventilation pipes come in a variety of sizes, designs, and capacities to suit different installations.

Advantages of an ultrasonic duct-connected exhaust pipe

Ultrasonic duct-connected Ventilation pipe has low noise for quiet working space

  1. The whole pipe comes of environmental protection materials, delicately designed on each line, lightweight, double insulation
  2. Simple design, easy to disassemble, clean, maintain, and maintain
  3. The motor is wound with 100% copper wire, using imported bearings, so the lifespan for the pipe is high
  4. Duct pipe has a compact size, suitable for installation in pipes
  5. Saving power consumption to the maximum, reducing costs for businesses a significant amount

The pipe comes accurately for parameters: flow, pressure head, vibration, noise level, ensuring the right requirements, quality, and standards before the factory air.

Ventilation pipe 2021

Outstanding application of ultrasonic ducted Ventilation pipe

  1. Ultrasonic ducted ventilation pipes provide solutions to ventilation problems where strong suction power and low noise require such as meeting rooms, bedrooms, hotels, living rooms, offices, schools, etc.
  2. Ultrasonic ventilation pipe effectively absorbs moisture balance, circulates stagnant air inside to outside, creating a source of fresh and cool air.
  3. Has the effect of supplying fresh air to places where oxygen is lacking, the air is stuffy, dusty, uncomfortable
  4. Reduces temperature, cools, and dissipates heat in laboratories, computer rooms, administrative rooms, etc.

The outstanding design of ducted Ventilation pipe

Is a line of Ventilation pipe connected to the duct, directly or indirectly driven with a tilt angle design.

Benefits of installing ducted Ventilation pipe

  • The ducted exhaust pipe is the most economical product for high flow, medium pressure air supply applications
  • Stand out from the mainstream centrifugal pipes thanks to their compact weight and size
  • The most outstanding advantage is thanks to the ability to disassemble the pipe. Flexible in the process of transportation, maintenance. And cleaning in the best way that few conventional pipes have.
  • Ventilation pipe is common to suck exhaust gases and supply fresh air for all ventilation needs from civil to industrial

Conclusion Ventilation pipe

The propeller comes on the automatic gear balancing machine. Furthermore, it runs smoothly and with low noise. Therefore, the advantage of low noise is a plus point in the eyes of consumers.  The parameters of the pipe adjust to the maximum, providing high performance, saving power consumption.