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A Homeowner's Guide on a Bathroom Fan

2021-09-04 hqt

Guide on a Bathroom Fan

Have you ever saw a bathroom without a bathroom fan? We hardly find bathrooms without exhaust fans. These fans are an integral part of every bathroom and no bathroom is complete with this little item. But, what is the primary reason behind the installation of a bathroom exhaust fan? Its role is to remove the unnecessary moisture present in a bathroom. Bathroom exhaust fans also help us eliminate and control bathroom odors. Moreover, these fans also reduce cleaning agent fumes in the bathroom that may cause critical health issues. Additionally, these fans also improve indoor air quality.

This guide contains all the important information for homeowners who want to purchase, install, and understand bathroom fans. From odor control to safety, there are various reasons why the installation of these fans is necessary.

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Bathroom Fan Installation Benefits

There are multiple reasons why bathroom exhaust fans have been a necessary element for every bathroom, regardless of the bathroom space. Let’s take a look at the most common bathroom fan benefits.

1. Eliminate Bad Smell

The basic purpose behind the installation of an exhaust fan in a bathroom is to eliminate odors. If you notice an unpleasant smell in your bathroom, you can easily draw it out by installing a bathroom exhaust fan. The proper ventilation system enables us to keep our bathrooms properly maintained. Additionally, it will clean the atmosphere for other people.

2.  Reduction in Humidity

For the upkeep of a bathroom, humidity reduction plays a key role. Excess moisture can damage the walls of the bathroom by causing wallpaper and paint to peel. Excessive moisture may also damage your expensive doors. Another big concern about humidity in a bathroom is that it can be a cause of mold growth. Once the mold grows, it would be hard to eliminate it. Therefore, you must keep your exhaust fan working to avoid all such issues.

3. Minimize Airborne Contaminants

Usually, we clean bathrooms with harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be a cause of many health problems when inhaled. It is a big concern, especially for the elderly, small children, and people with lung conditions. Additionally, the exhaust fan would help in removing the spore buildup if there is already mold in the bathroom. It will also control the growth of the mold to some rate.

4. Help Deal with Foggy Mirrors

A bathroom is a place where moisture is a big concern. A bathroom fan also controls the moisture. It helps in removing water fog on mirrors as well as on walls. Therefore, exhaust fans also assist in eliminating foggy mirror issues.

Things to Look for in a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

There are two types of bath exhaust fans, in-ceiling, and in-wall, to provide ventilation, reduce excessive heat, and improve airflow. They are available in different sizes, styles, and features according to different conditions. For the most effective results, it is important to ensure that you have chosen the right fan. Here are the most important considerations you need to know before you buy a new bath exhaust fan.

1. Size of the Bathroom Fan

Choosing the appropriate bath fan size is important. The ventilation amount your get in the bathroom depends on the fan size you choose. A small size fan is less powerful and produces fewer CFMs. If your bathroom space is small, a smaller fan would be an ideal option. For larger bathrooms, you should choose bigger exhaust fans with higher CFMs. When buying a bath exhaust fan, you should discuss the space of your bathroom with the seller. They will suggest you the most appropriate fan size accordingly.

2. Fan Installation

As we said earlier in the article, we can choose from in-wall and in-ceiling bath exhaust fans. It means that we can install an exhaust fan on the wall or on the ceiling. Choosing between an in-ceiling and in-wall fan depends on the design and space of your bathroom. You should go with the fans that have straightforward installation. This way, you will not have to hire a professional installer that will save some money. However, if you are not comfortable installing a bathroom fan, it will be good to hire a professional for this task.

3. Features

Modern-day bath exhaust fans come with a lot of advanced features, most intended on convenience and efficiency. What and how many features does a bath exhaust fan have, impact the price of the unit. Here are the most common modern-day features of a bath exhaust fan:

Integrated Lighting: You can buy an exhaust fan with integrated lighting. It will help you replace the current fixtures and/or introduce supplementary lighting. A few models also come with a night light feature for soft light at night.

Heaters: You can also buy an exhaust fan with a heating feature. It will help you make the bathroom temperature comfortable during the cold weather.

Motion + Humidity Sensors: Motion and humidity sensors enhance the fan’s overall efficiency and assists in conserving energy. These sensors will operate the exhaust fan automatically according to the humidity level.

Bathroom exhaust fans with various functions typically include controls for different functions. You should be clear about what features to choose and what to leave. It will help you buy the most suitable exhaust fan for your bathroom.

4. Noise Level

A bathroom is a peaceful place where you take shower after a hectic day at your job. Therefore, unnecessary noises from the exhaust fan would sound extremely abnormal. Some cheap price models available on the market will start producing weird sounds anytime. Sone rating is what defines the noise level of a bathroom fan. A sone rating of up to 2 sones means that the fan will not produce unwanted sounds. Above 2 rating fans will produce more noise.

5. Efficiency

Last but not least is the efficiency of the bath exhaust fan. Luckily, various energy-efficient models are available on the market. Look for a fan that is known for energy efficiency. Even if it costs more initially, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Final Words

Bath exhaust fans are a must for every bathroom to keep the area moist-free and fresh. When purchasing a new bathroom fan, you must pay attention to the fan size, noise level, energy efficiency, installation type, and features. Do not buy a cheap price exhaust fan because it will never produce the desired results and would experience a premature failure.

To know more about bath exhaust fans, you can talk to us anytime.