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Axial Fan Manufacturers in USA - 6 Tips to Apply

2022-03-11 hqt

In a modern apartment, the ventilation of rooms such as a storeroom, factory or kitchen, nowadays requires the installation of axial fan Manufacturers in USA. In this article, we will look at the basic principles for selecting a household exhaust fan for a storeroom.

Let's break the selection of the fan into stages:

  • Where we install
  • Checking the operation of the exhaust channel
  • Performance
  • Noise level
  • Useful features
  • Design

Let's go through each item and find out how to choose a fan in the storeroom.

Where to install axial fan and how?

For exhaust ventilation, an axial household fan is common, which installs in the existing exhaust duct of an apartment or house. The fan can install directly in the duct or through a flexible or plastic duct.

Axial Fan Manufacturers in USA

Installation in an axial fan Manufacturers in USA

It is very important to understand that this type of fan is low-pressure and cannot "push through" a large length of the duct. Therefore, if you install the fan in the ceiling, then the air duct should not be longer than 1 meter.

Mounting via flexible duct

During installation, attention must be paid to sealing all connections between the fan and the exhaust duct. To do this, you can use building sealant, silicone, and so on.

Checking the exhaust duct

It should note that when choosing the power of the extract to the storeroom. It is necessary to take into account the "quality" of the axial fan Manufacturers in USA. In apartments on the lower floors, such a thrust is higher, on the upper floors it is often less. This is primarily due to the fact that natural draft depends on such natural factors as the difference in heights, wind roses and temperature differences in the street and in the apartment.

In winter, exhaust ducts work well, in summer they are worse. This is the reason for the need to install domestic exhaust fans, which help ventilation to work whenever it is needed.

Check the quality of the hood before choosing a fan

We strongly recommend that you check the quality of the hood before choosing an axial fan Manufacturers in USA. This can be done with a thin sheet of paper. Open the window in the room to the ventilation mode and attach a thin paper to the exhaust duct. If there is a draft, then the leaf will attract to the grate of the exhaust channel.

Then you can safely install an exhaust fan. If there is no draft at all, then most likely the exhaust duct is not working and installing a fan in it will not help. You need to look for other solutions to this problem.

Ventilation performance for axial fan Manufacturers in USA

There are two methods for calculating exhaust ventilation - by the frequency of air exchange and by the norm. The air exchange rate is the number of times the air in a room change in one hour. The ventilation rate is 25 m 3 /hour.

But this norm is valid for continuous exhaust ventilation, and not periodic. That is, for the selection of a fan, it is necessary to focus on the frequency of air exchange.

For the storeroom, the multiplicity is 6-7 times. That is, if the storeroom area is 5 m 2 and the ceiling height is 2.75 meters. The volume of the storeroom will be 13.75 m 3. The ventilation capacity with a multiplicity of 6 will be 82.5 m 3 /hour.

Focus on the performance in terms of the air exchange rate

Since the axial fan Manufacturers in USA mainly operates periodically. It is necessary to focus on the performance in terms of the air exchange rate. In practice, the area of ​​an ordinary storeroom does not exceed 9 sq. m. A fan with a capacity of up to 90 m 3 / hour is suitable for periodic ventilation of the storeroom.

The storeroom combines with a factory, then 120 m 3 / hour. That is why many manufacturers of fans with a size of 100 mm have a capacity of about 90 m 3 / h.

If your storeroom is larger than average, for example, from 10 m 2 and above, then firstly you are lucky in life), and secondly, for ventilation. You then need to select an axial fan Manufacturers in USA according to the multiplicity. But, don't overdo it with performance. The higher the extraction power, the higher the noise level. We will discuss this in more detail in the section below.

Axial Fan Manufacturers in USA 2022

Noise level: a successful combination of the shape and the impeller

Any fan during its operation creates aerodynamic and mechanical noise. Recently, fans have appeared that can be safely called almost silent. This achieves by a successful combination of the shape of the casing and the impeller, the selection of the correct rotation speed, and the use of a quiet electric motor.

Quiet models like axial fan Manufacturers in USA of size 100 with a capacity of up to 97 m 3 / h, which are most often suitable for ventilation of small standard storerooms up to 9 m 2, can still boast of such noiselessness. When the area of ​​​​the storeroom is larger, then more productive models must be common.

The use of quiet powerful fans

The higher the fan performance, the higher the noise level that it creates during its operation. For a large storeroom, it is necessary to either provide for the use of quiet powerful fans or use a different fan mode. We will talk about this in the next section.

What could be useful features?

Modern axial fan Manufacturers in USA for ventilation of apartments can equip with many useful features. For storeroom ventilation, we are most interested in two of them - this is the presence of a delay timer and a humidity sensor.

The off-delay timer works as follows. After a signal is given from an external switch (it can be a separate switch or combined with lighting). The fan will not turn off immediately, but will continue to work for another time set on the timer and turn off automatically. The delay time can be set from 2 to 30 minutes.

The humidity sensor is equipped with a delay timer

Such an axial fan Manufacturers in USA turns on when the set humidity level exceeds, which is set in the range of 60-90%. The fan will run until the humidity in the room decreases. When the humidity reaches the set limit, the turn-off delay timer activates and the fan will still work for the time set on the timer, after which it will turn off.