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Why Bulk Extractor Fan is necessary for your house?

2022-03-11 hqt

A good indoor climate starts with good air circulation. A Bulk extractor fan is a properly functioning supply and exhaust. Let's assume that you have already organized the inflow. 

Bulk Extractor Fan

What about the extractor?

Exhaust vents mandatory locate in the kitchens and bathrooms. But often the power of exhaust traction is not enough. This may be due to the design features of the exhaust shaft or the location of your apartment.

The passage of air from Bulk extractor fan in the hood can be difficult due to construction debris in the mine. And even a good hood draws weakly in the warm season, because the temperature difference inside and outside the house is small.

If the hood does not cope, then stuffy air accumulates in the premises, filled with internal pollutants - odors, fumes from furniture and finishing materials. In a bathroom or a combine bathroom, dampness add to everything else , which threatens with mold and damage repairs.

Checking the hood is simple and easy

Take a piece of paper, attach it to the hood. If the draft is good, then the paper will “stick” to the hood. Then you don't need a Bulk extractor fan. 🙂 Just do not rush to leave, we have a lot of interesting things on our blog. For example, we write about the importance of proper ventilation in the apartment .

And for those who stayed here, we will tell you what household fans for bathrooms are like. How to choose a functional and silent one?

Types of household bathroom exhaust fans

Bathroom fans divide into wall-mounted, they are also overhead, and channel. The former, as the name implies, Bulk extractor fan attach to the wall to the air duct opening. The latter are placed inside the air duct itself, and this can be either an air duct in the wall of the house or a central ventilation duct.

Wall fans are easier to install and more common than duct fans

Wall fans are easier to install and therefore much more common than duct fans. In addition, the latter are usually inferior in terms of noise characteristics. Because engine vibrations, albeit very light ones, transmit through the air duct, resonating and amplifying. 

However, a Bulk extractor fan also allows you to organize a silent hood for the bathroom. Just its installation will require additional vibration isolation measures. For example, such a fan wraps in a layer of corrugated rubber.

Household bathroom axial and radial fan design

By design, exhaust fans divide into axial and radial. Actually, both of them are elementary: a small electric motor and rotating blades are their main parts. But each variety has its own characteristics, on which the scope depends.

A Bulk extractor fan, or, as it is also called, an axial fan, is the most common type of bathroom fan. The axis in it is a hollow cylinder, inside which an electric motor place, and the blades (or blades) of the fan attaches to it from the outside.

Modern axial fans: Silent exhaust fan

Modern axial fans are equipped with rubber pads that place around the motor and dampen its vibrations - in order to make the bathroom exhaust fan silent. In addition, Bulk extractor fan usually have a non-return valve that prevents the draft from “tipping over”, i.e. passing air in the opposite direction, from the ventilation shaft to the bathroom.

Axial fan device: in private houses and cottages

Another type of exhaust fan for the bathroom is a radial, it is also a centrifugal and it is also a “snail” - this is how it was nicknamed because of the similarity in shape. In such a fan, the air outlet locates at a right angle to the inlet. Radial fans are larger than axial fans, so they almost never use in apartments. But they can use in central ventilation ducts in private houses and cottages.

How to choose a Bulk extractor fan?

The two main characteristics of a fan are its performance and noise level. Many people are looking for a silent bathroom fan first. But, as you probably guess, these characteristics are usually interdependent: the higher the performance, the louder the fan runs, and the quieter it is, the less efficient.

Bulk Extractor Fan 2022 

The selection of an extractor fan: calculate the performance

We suggest starting the selection of a domestic fan by calculating the performance requires in your particular case. The calculations will be simple: you need to multiply the volume of the room by the recommended number of air changes.

In the bathroom, the air should be changed through Bulk extractor fan 6-8 times per hour. In the toilet - 6-10. The more household members you have, the larger number should be taken into account.

For example, your bathroom has a width of 1.5 m, a length of 1.7 m and a height of 2.8 m. Then its volume will be 7.14 m3. The required performance of the exhaust fan for such a bathroom is about 43-57 m3 / h. For a family of two, the first digit will be enough - 43 m3 / h, for four it is worth focusing on the second - 57 m3 / h.

The performance of wall-mounted fans: for large bathroom

The performance of most Bulk extractor fan is 95-100 m3 / h, which is more than enough for typical bathrooms. However, there are also fans capable of driving 320 m3 / h - for large bathrooms.

Inaudible extractor fan: low Noise level

Fan noise depends on:

  • Versions of the fan housing. The thinner it is and the more gaps it has, the more noise it will make.
  • Availability and quality of anti-vibration gaskets between the motor and the Bulk extractor fan housing. They prevent the transmission of vibration to the body of the device.
  • Quality and lubrication of bearings in the engine. Bearing friction is additional noise. It does not hurt to ask the seller in detail about this design detail (and about the previous one too).
  • The presence of vibration-isolating pads between the fan housing and the wall, as well as the air duct.