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Which is the best ec fan for huge buildings?

2021-10-08 hqt
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What is ec fan?

Ec fan is a dedicated fan line for climbing stairs, also known as Stair Boost Fans. This is a high-pressure, circular axial fan common to vacuum in series for ducted ventilation systems. Air supply and exhaust systems for buildings, raise the pressure in high-rise buildings. Similarly, the corridor is not well ventilated, difficult to evacuate, smoke in fire prevention and fighting.

Why ec fan is important for industries?

In industrial, public and many residential premises, ventilation is provided by a developed air duct system, the purpose of which is not to create a pleasant breath, but to remove accumulated odors, gases, and also ensure the flow of fresh air.

Ec fan is part of these systems. They do not suspend from the ceiling and not attach with brackets to the walls. They discreetly mount directly into the ventilation ducts. The interior does not deteriorate with their purely utilitarian appearance, but at the same time the maximum ventilation functionality is provided.

How to choose ec fan?

The question of how to choose a duct fan is the most relevant before the installation of air ducts. It is not enough to choose just a high-quality sample - it should optimally ensure the operation of ventilation. A model that is too powerful will be redundant and uneconomical. 

The weak will not cope with their tasks. Air flow parameters such as speed, pressure, performance depend on the fan, and within the framework of this article we will consider the features of its choice.

How does ec fan work?

It takes a long time to describe how an ordinary household fan works, it makes no sense - even a schoolchild is familiar with its device. Suffice it to say that the peculiarity of the duct fan is that its blades do not go beyond the dimensions of the case.

The ec fan uses the principle of mechanical air vacuum:

  • The rotation of the impeller creates a low pressure area where air is sucked in;
  • Air caught on the blades is thrown by them in the required direction;
  • Automation protects the electric motor from overheating by periodically turning it off and restarting it after cooling.

Structure of high pressure axial exhaust fan

  • Applications of industrial high-pressure axial fans in life
  • Large suction pressure increase
  • Fresh air ventilation

In the case of high-pressure fans, people immediately think of high-pressure centrifugal fans and high-pressure ec fan. Among them, high-pressure centrifugal fan is more known and popular. However, the high-pressure axial fan has its own advantages and disadvantages of the high-pressure centrifugal fan.

So, what is a high-pressure axial fan? Its application in life will also help you gain more useful knowledge to choose the most suitable device.

Structure of high pressure axial exhaust fan

  • The fan housing is made from high quality steel and powder coated for durability
  • Blades and fan blades are continuously welded to prevent rust
  • High-strength motor ensures continuous operation
  • The design has a stand to help the fan fix in a certain position
  • The front and back are installed with protective mesh, so it is very safe to use
  • Dynamically balanced against shaking when in use
  • Easy to install and maintain and repair ec fan
  • Applications of industrial high-pressure axial fans in life

Fresh air ventilation

In environments such as buildings, offices, shopping malls, factories, factories, ventilation and fresh air supply are essential, and high-pressure axial exhaust fans well control air quality by Replace polluted air inside. Reduce heat and dehumidify to create a cool and comfortable cooling space.

We can say that the high-pressure axial fan does an excellent job as a device to protect safety. If you don't have enough money to pay for a high-pressure centrifugal ventilator.

Advantages of indirect axial fans

  •  Optimum design, high sustainability.
  • Indirect axial fans usually have impeller diameters from 240-1000mm.
  • The movement of the propeller must be through a belt drive because the motor is separate from the ec fan 
  • The biggest advantage of the ec fan line is its design
  • very suitable for boosting smoke extraction for fire protection in high-rise buildings
  • Suction booster in the basement at the stairwell area.
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Disadvantages of indirect axial fans

  • The engine design is separate and linked to the propeller thanks to the belt system, so it creates limited suction and thrust, not as strong as the direct ec fan line.
  • The air flow supplied to the environment is also more limited, the ventilation and cooling efficiency is not as fast as the direct axial fan.
  • During installation and use, due to the design of the motor placed right on the fan body, it may take up more space and the certainty is not as guaranteed as the closed system of the direct fan.

Easy operation and Affordable Price of ec fan

When it is necessary to change the number of revolutions of the propeller, the technician only needs to change the size of the pulley located at the support knee and the motor. It's not as difficult as direct axial fans because the components are deep inside. 

Extremely affordable price but equally effective will bring extremely practical benefits to the environment. Indirect axial fans are industrial equipment common by many business units and factories. They bring cool, airy and fresh space to the working space.

Satisfy any environment ec fan

From the normal environment to the harshest environment, the indirect axial fan works well thanks to the motor design that works separately from the fan. Ec fan works well in harsh, toxic, high-risk environments with extremely high temperatures.

So should I buy an indirect ec fan?

This is a question many customers ask, but you have to understand that: Any line of industrial equipment has strengths and weaknesses. It is no coincidence that every fan line is divided into many different types to meet different needs.

If you are looking for industrial ventilation and cooling device for extremely harsh environments, then nothing is more suitable than an indirect ec fan. This will be a device that both provides a great ventilation solution and demonstrates the durability and toughness that no other product has.


In this day and age, regulations on fire prevention and fighting are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore, any environment needs to have a quality ventilation system to ensure human life and material wealth. Using an explosion-proof ec fan will be an extremely effective and safest fire prevention solution today.