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6 Best Tips for Buying Ac Axial Fan in 2021

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Ac Axial Fan

What is an Ac Axial Fan?

Axial AC fans are a type of fan that blows air along the axis of the fan—that is, the fan's curved blades force air to move in parallel with the shaft on which the blades rotate. These fans can produce variable airflow and create higher flow rates than centrifugal fans.

Currently, on the market this type of fan is divided into two basic types:

  1. Direct Ac Axial Fan: A fan with blades directly attached to the motor.
  2.  Indirect axial fan: Using a belt to transmit rotational force from the motor to the blade.

People often install axial exhaust fans in factories to serve the needs of heat load, ventilation, and cooling. At the same time, the axial ventilation fan also has the function of transporting harmful air to bring a fresh environment to the entire space.

This is considered an effective solution to help dispel the heat comes by the heat of the machines. The wind obtained from the ventilation fan will soothe the uncomfortable stuffiness and heat of the factory, helping employees to be more comfortable in the working process.

Highlights of Ac Axial Fan

1. Smooth operation, no noise

The Ac Axial Fan has a smart design that minimizes the noise level to keep the space in use quiet and unaffected. Using a motor entirely from pure copper wire, the propeller system is dynamically balanced to avoid shaking; the axial fan operates smoothly and does not cause noise to affect people around.

2. Consume less energy

Saving energy is the top concern of users, so axial exhaust fans are also foccommon on this factor.

3. Stable operation, high durability

The whole fan is made of high-quality CT3 steel, coated with powder coating, so it ensures high durability and long-term durability. The optimal round frame design at both ends, solid and durable, helps the axial exhaust fan to operate stably and operate smoothly.

4. Simple structure, easy to clean and repair

The Ac Axial Fan has a simple structure that users can easily clean or repair when there is a problem

5. Compact design, high flexibility

Axial industrial fans in general have a compact design, high aesthetics, and simple installation. In particular, they also have a not too large weight, so the flexibility of the product is highly appreciated

6. Economical, efficient

The investment cost for this exhaust fan product is not too large but still brings high efficiency, long-term stability

Working principle of industrial Ac Axial Fan

Two round frame ends in which: One end installs an exhaust fan system to suck out toxic gases, heat, and moisture inside the building. The other end leads the air from outside through the vent system.

When the engine is running at high capacity, the air inlet will directly suck the exhaust gases and dust in the environment. And, it transmits it through the path to the outside to return a more airy and cool space.

Compare axial fan and centrifugal fan

We can compare Ac Axial Fan and centrifugal fans through the similarities and differences below:

Both types are industrial ventilation fan products with the function of sucking hot air. This changes the pressure to help balance and circulate air between the inside and outside environment. And bring fresh, cool air inside.

They are widely common in industrial parks, factories, factories, livestock, warehouses, basements, etc.

Advantages of Ac Axial Fan

The fan operates strongly, with an indirect type with an external motor to facilitate maintenance and cleaning and can especially increase or decrease the flow and pressure as required.

Disadvantages of Ac Axial Fan

  • Long-lasting, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant outer shell.
  • Compact and simple design easy to move and install in any position.
  • Works well in harsh environments, some types come with protective shutters, others are good for user convenience
  • There are many different models, designs, and types of Ac Axial Fan such as square body ventilation, circular axial direction, portable, portable, etc.
  • Similarly, the investment cost for the product is low but gives high efficiency.

    Ac Axial Fan 2021
  • In case the air environment is dense with dust, pollution, it is easy to lead to wing corrosion due to friction between dust and air.
  • For the type of motor directly affects the motor because the dust will stick to the copper coil, leading to hot wire, reducing load efficiency.
  • The average head of this fan is from 50 to 500 Pa, if you need to create a higher pressure and the air is dense with dust; the axial exhaust fan is not the optimal solution.

How much does the Ac Axial Fan cost?

Currently, on the market, there are many models and types of different axial exhaust fans such as round body, square body (square industrial ventilation), portable, portable exhaust fan, pipe connection, explosion room with different selling prices.

Compared to centrifugal Ac Axial Fan, the price of axial fans is much cheaper. This depends on the size.

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We can say that Ac Axial Fan is very important industrial equipment in production and human activities. Therefore, understanding what the concept of the axial fan is and finding a reputable and quality product supplier. It is what we need to understand the most. Hopefully, the above information will help you have more practical knowledge and make the right choice.