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Where to buy best fresh air system in China in 2022?

2021-12-27 hqt
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Fresh air system is a device good quite commonly in modern life, especially in the field of engineering. Fans have specific sizes, designs and features, meeting the needs of factories, conferences, weddings...

In order to bring the best products to customers, Hgduct Air system is always the home. No. 1 reputable supplier specializing in providing fans for high-rise buildings, centrifugal fans, air systems... In this article, let's explain what air systems are and the advantages of this type of fan!

Learn about air systems

Today's economy is increasingly achieving extremely strong development steps. The product lines serving the fields of production, engineering, business, housing… are increasing day by day. In which, it is impossible not to mention air systems.

 What is an air system?

Fresh air system is a type of fan with large air flow and capacity, meeting the needs of air intake, wind push, and air circulation.

Air systems are highly durable equipment that can be good for a long time without being damaged

Fans are good in crowded places, factories, large areas, conferences, weddings... In hot summer days, air systems have the ability to cool extremely effectively. There are many different types of air systems on the market, but they are divided into two main types. There are axial fans and centrifugal fans.

The outstanding advantages of air systems

As a line of large-capacity equipment, fresh air system design with many unique features, both convenient and safe to use. Here are a few advantages of the product.

Cool, increase ventilation for space

The engineering environment often contains many types of machinery for production. This is also the workplace of many workers and production staff. To create an ideal environment and increase production efficiency, products such as air systems are essential.

The fan has the effect of reducing heat, helping to push the hot air to the outside, creating a very comfortable feeling.

Moreover, machines operate according to their own principles. In the production process, it is inevitable that toxic substances will arise, especially in factories producing plastic, heavy metal and mechanical products.

At this time, air systems will help eliminate toxins, maintaining the working environment at a safe level. The machinery through which is also cooled, limiting fire and explosion.

The fan can be good for a long time without being damaged

Air systems are designed with a solid, professional structure. Because it is a product for a technical environment, it can be good for a long time without damage.

No matter how large the factory area, the need for ventilation will be quickly solved. In addition, the material good to make the fresh air system is durable and resistant to chemicals.

Cost savings in the production process

The second advantage that we want to mention in this article is the cost savings of the product. As mentioned above, air systems are highly durable, so the cost of repair and maintenance of equipment is also limited. There are types of fans that have been good for decades and still have not been damaged.

Air systems are durable, so you can save repair and maintenance costs

Notes when buying air systems

Choosing a brand is an important factor in determining whether your product is quality or not. In addition, you also need to keep in mind the following issues:

Find out carefully factors such as capacity, air speed, and wind speed before buying. Should choose a fan with functions such as timer, remote control, and wind speed adjustment.

How to install a air system?

Prepare the following materials:

  • Ventilators
  • Drill, screw, hammer, scissors, screwdriver…
  • Ladders, protective gear: gloves, hats...

Thoroughly inspect the fresh air system components before proceeding with the installation.

How to install:

  • After selecting the location to install the air system for the closed room, use a marker.
  • Using a tool, punch a hole the size of the exhaust fan in the location where the fan intends to install.
  • Put the fan into the hole punched, adjust so that the hole fits the fan and mark the positions to screw.
  • Drill holes for screws and drill holes.
  • Mount the fan on, hold the fan on the wall with screws.
  • The next step when installing fresh air system for a closed room is to connect the fan to the power

The selected product must be suitable for the area of ​​use

Note about the propeller should choose a wide wingspan, a moderate width. Do not choose too large a propeller that will affect the speed of rotation.

Air systems will make noise when running. The bigger the fan, the louder the noise will be. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the surrounding area, to avoid causing discomfort.

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When using an air-conditioned room, we often close the door. This results in less oxygen in the room. Plus the Co2 we exhale makes the room feel stuffy. Staying in the conditioning room for too long can easily lead to lack of oxygen, causing headaches, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

 If this problem persists, the brain will be damaged, causing memory loss, difficulty concentrating, more dangerous than a stroke.

People with respiratory diseases such as asthma, otitis media, etc. will experience extremely dangerous complications from lack of oxygen.

Circulate, clean the air

Closed rooms with little air circulation are favorable conditions for bacteria and mold to multiply and grow quickly. Long-term causes bad smell, moisture, disease.

Makes us no longer comfortable to rest in the room. Air systems are a great solution for closed rooms. Helps to circulate air, dehumidify, absorb odors, filter out dust and bring fresh air from outside into the room.


Industrial fans help circulate air in and out. Fresh air system pushes the hot wind containing many bacteria out to bring a fresh breeze. As a result, the space will be more airy and fresh. Help workers, people working inside always feel comfortable, comfortable, increase productivity and efficiency.

In particular, working environments need the support of industrial fans. The air circulates to the outside, thus minimizing harmful substances in the air of the factory.