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Why should you use a 2-way duct fan with adjustable grille?

2021-12-27 hqt

Exhaust fan is a utility electric device that helps to bring fresh air. Moreover, it has adjustable grille to eliminate unpleasant odors, mold and protect the health of users. In order to choose a good quality duct fan product, consumers should equip themselves with the basic knowledge about this device.

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Moreover, they should know the criteria to choose a quality and durable product.

1. What is a 2-way exhaust fan?

As we all know, conventional duct fans only have one function to draw air from the room to the outside. However, with 2-way duct fan products, there is also a reverse rotation mode to circulate air from outside to inside, creating duct for humid and airtight rooms.

For the purpose of maintaining a source of fresh air, eliminating unpleasant odors, pollution, dust... That's why this fan is often common for wall mounting in bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, homes, stores, hospitals, etc. or closed spaces that are difficult to circulate such as warehouses and workshops.

Working principle of 2-way exhaust fan with adjustable grille

2-way duct fans with adjustable grille operate on the principle of blowing wind in the opposite direction (from back to front) and blowing in the forward direction (from front to back) to help the wind source spread throughout the space where they are installed.

The operating mechanism of this fan is completely different from the one-way duct fan. It is a 2-way push and pull, which helps to rotate the air quickly. This type of fan helps to increase the ability to blow away toxic air, filter out dirt in your home or office quickly, and blow into the room a cool air to every corner.

2. Why should you use a 2-way duct fan?

Using a 2-way duct fan, in addition to extracting odors and sucking moisture in the room out, can also provide fresh air to the room, especially suitable for airtight and humid rooms such as bedrooms.

However, to be able to use the fresh air supply feature, the installation location must be ventilated outside and at a height of 2.5m back (installing too high will not reach the shock cord).

Create duct; reduce the risk of suffocation for closed rooms, rooms using air conditioning

The fan also helps the environment to eliminate pathogenic bacteria, prevent mold and mildew that can be harmful to health.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of 2-way exhaust fan with adjustable grille

To get the answer to this question, let's first learn about the pros and cons of this 2-way exhaust fan with adjustable grille. Thereby surely we will know whether to buy and use them in the family or not.

2-way suction for fresher air

With the above features, the 2-way exhaust fan gives you fresh and cool air. In addition, it also helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria, prevent mold that can affect human health. In addition, when using a 2-way duct fan, the food and utensils in the room are not damaged quickly.

The air flow is from 27 - 42 m3/min, the propeller span is usually from 10 - 20cm, it will quickly help circulate air, filter bacteria, and odors in the room to bring a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

Quiet operation, low price

With the ability to operate smoothly and stably along with a quite affordable price, this fan has become an option for many households, companies, schools...


The fan motor is equipped with a thermostat that automatically shuts down when the temperature is too hot. At the same time, it also has a window that automatically opens when the fan is operating, and closes when the fan stops working, providing safety for users.


Most of these fans are made from high-quality plastic, which is resistant to oxidation, abrasion, and impact. It comes with the steel frame and reed, painted to increase the durability of the fan. Similarly, adjustable grille provides long-term use value of the user.

In addition, the capacity is not too large, which also helps the fan not to cause unpleasant noise and save power consumption.

b. Defect

The only downside is the price. Obviously, it will have a slightly higher price than the 1-way fan. However, considering the benefits that it brings, this disadvantage is not a barrier for you to own them, right.

At this point, you probably know whether to buy a 2-way duct fan or not. With outstanding features, this fan deserves to be present in families. Here are some good cheap 2-way exhaust fan models for your reference:

4. Criteria for choosing 2-way exhaust fan with adjustable grille

A good quality 2-way duct fan will meet the following criteria:

Adjustable grille ensures 3 basic functions of a duct fan device: duct, deodorization and dehumidification. Only when the product has all these 3 functions can it ensure to bring freshness, cleanliness, and comfort to the user's living, learning and working environment.

Always Prefer Reputable Brand

Buy from reputable brand that ensures the quality and safety of the product. When choosing products of a famous and reputable brand, consumers can feel more secure about the quality, safety and durability of the product. In addition, big brands often have product warranties and are always thorough from production to product quality inspection.

Advantages of industrial fume extraction system

The industrial smoke extraction system is a device that always plays a very important role in restaurants, school kitchens or hospitals because during operation, cooking, and food processing, it produces a lot of smoke, greasy smell. , hot air... greatly affects the restaurant's business.

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Some of the advantages of industrial smoke extraction systems can be mentioned as follows:

  • Made of stainless steel, so it is durable, easy to clean every day.
  • Make sure the kitchen is always well ventilated
  • Ensure safety and hygiene, improve food quality
  • Widely used in factories, export processing zones, laboratories...
  • Less dirty to help the process of use always ensure hygiene.
  •  Reasonable price, low investment cost.
  • Compact design and convenient in use and assembly.
  • Produce according to customer requirements and kitchen area
  • All smoke and bad gases suck outside to ensure that the kitchen space is always ventilated.

Many consumers love and appreciate the good quality of adjustable grille. Consulting with customers who have purchased and used the product is always one of the good ways for you to find the product you like.