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Which are the Best Ceiling Duct Fan you can buy in 2021?

2021-10-18 hqt

Introduction of Ceiling Duct Fan

Only Ceiling Duct Fan ventilation systems can provide high-quality air exchange on any premises. Only with their help, it is possible to create a suitable pressure balance, thanks to which the spent air masses will begin to move outside the service area to be replaced by fresh air.

Ceiling Duct Fans are the active elements of these systems.

Good duct fans are one of the prerequisites for effective air exchange. You need to choose them according to other criteria, and not like a table or floor model. An incorrectly selected fan will make noise, and the air duct will generate noise and vibrate.
Best Ceiling Duct Fan you can buy

TOP of duct fans available in the market.

The purpose of our article is to compile a rating of Ceiling Duct Fan for home, office, and industrial premises. Also, At the same time, we are not considering specific models. Similarly model ranges that include several products of the same design, but with different sizes and, accordingly, performance characteristics.

In living quarters, you will have to smash your head to hide this fan and take care of a sufficient rupture of the duct (top models occupy a depth of 58 cm). And this is the only problem since this model has a universal purpose and is equally suitable for home, office, and workshop.

Duct fans Vents TT PRO are positively characterized by.

The effect of sound absorption is achieved thanks to the layered construction of the plastic body. It is easy to maintain the fan: for this purpose, removable clamps have been specially designed, by loosening them you can easily remove the fan from the system.

3D model of Vents TT PRO series fans

  • Two speed modes (min / max);
  • Good air draft ;
  • Also, Simplicity in installation;

Overheating protection.

  • Protection class of the electric motor І P44, allowing installation in rooms with high humidity. 
  • These Ceiling Duct Fan can withstand splashing water from any direction;
  • Moreover, Compatible with air ducts from 100 to 315 mm diameter. This indicator forms the basis of the product labeling of each model.

Among the shortcomings, we should note the absence of a sound-insulated case, so these fans are quite noisy, which makes you think several times before installing them in a typical living room. The depth of the fans ranges from 30 to 45 cm.

The Hgduct TD axial series

The same good fan as # 1 in our list. The only thing we saved on was the absence of a noise-insulated case. But thanks to this, the price is much lower.

Our 2021 Ceiling Duct Fan rating continues with another example of the Spanish industry - the Hgduct TD axial series. This technique has a mixed purpose and can be installed both in residential and public areas. Among the positive characteristics of the Hgduct TD fans are important :

  • Protection class IP44, allowing the fans to be common in rooms with high levels of dust or humidity ;
  • Compact size. The dimensions of the fans almost do not exceed the diameter of the air duct, for installation in which they intend;

Two speeds of rotation fan

  • Extremely wide range of airflow models - from 180 to 5500 m3 / h. The manufacturer took the path of universalization, preferring not to make separate commonhold and industrial fans;
  • The same wide range of sizes for connection to air ducts - from 100 to 400 mm in diameter;
  • Timer on some models.

Positively technique characterized

When creating a centrifugal Ceiling Duct Fan, the Ukrainian manufacturer VENTS drew attention to foreign experience. The Vents VKM line is an analog of the Turkish Bahcivan BDTX technology with the only difference being that the impeller comes of plastic here.

The body coats with a polymer coating, and the VKMts model supplies without painting - just a matte steel surface. However, Vents VKM are mainly Roscommon on industrial and semi-industrial common, although if space is available. There are no restrictions for their installation in residential premises. This technique positively comes by:

Characteristics of VKM fan

  • Good build quality and low price;
  • A very wide choice of performance (airflow): from 180 to 5260 m3 / h;
  • Also, Protection class of the electric motor ІР44, allowing installation in rooms with high humidity. These fans can withstand splashing water from any direction;
  • Choice of models for duct diameter from 100 to 450 mm.

The domestic manufacturer takes an example not only from Turkish technology. All other things being equal, the answer to the question of which Ceiling Duct Fan is better should be sought among the quietest fans. And what could be quieter than Spanish Silent fans?

Obviously, in the search for new solutions, they should be taken as a model for them. And that was done. Furthermore, The Chinese answer to quiet Spanish fans is Vents TT Silent-M, it also belongs to the axial type and has the following advantages:

Advantages of quiet Spanish fans

  • Reduced noise level (from 23 to 40 dB, depending on the model).
  • Also,  The same indicators for this criterion that Hgduct TD Silent could not achieve. Various nominal capacity - from 170 to 1950 m3 / h and connection diameters from 100 to 315 mm;
  • Furthermore, Moisture and splash-proof according to class ІР44;
  • Possibility to connect a two-position switch for engine rotation speed;
  • However, mounting bracket included;
  • Quality bearings - 40,000 operating hours;
  • Overheating protection.
    Best Ceiling Duct Fan you can buy 2021

Advantages of Blauberg Tubo axial fans

The Blauberg brand belongs to Germany, but the Ceiling Duct Fan of this series is made in Ukraine. Also, This may indicate that the fans of this brand have a well-thought-out design, good quality, and reasonable prices. Other advantages of Blauberg Tubo axial fans are:

  • Compactness. Generally, the dimensions of the fans of some models are the same as the diameter of the circular duct. The Ceiling Duct Fan is approximately 90 mm deep, which makes it possible to reduce the amount of installation work and easily find a place for the fan;
  • Also, Possibility of installation in flexible ducts - due to small dimensions and concealed installation;
  • Moreover, good engine performance;
  • Furthermore, Economical consumption of electricity;
  • Protection class IP44, suitable for common in wet areas with a risk of splashing.


Quite high operating noise: 38 - 40 dB. Even though this technique belongs to the commonhold class, it is better not to install it on residential premises. However,Air supply and exhaust in a bathroom or a bathroom are the most suitable tasks for her.