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Is Hydroponic Fan a good choice for better ventilation in kitchen?

2021-10-18 hqt

Introduction of Hydroponic Fan

We are all perfectly familiar with what kitchen Hydroponic Fan systems are and what their principle of operation is. But very few people really think about what exactly a functional and correct ventilation system for an apartment gives and how positively it affects your life. As with many things, to understand the importance of a subject

 Try to avoid it, and the demonstration of importance will become incredibly eloquent. This is especially true for ventilation in the kitchen. There is a myth that the hood above the stove is the only thing that is needed for ventilation. We're going to destroy this myth:
Hydroponic Fan

Hood working system of Hydroponic Fan

“The hood above the stove removes dirty air only during cooking and only above the stove itself. When not in operation, the hood does not work, since most of these hoods have a check valve that shuts off the entire exhaust system.

The lack of a high-quality ventilation system has a detrimental effect not only on the kitchen area, but also on most of your apartment or house. If ventilation is inoperative or absent, you will immediately notice.

  • high humidity;
  • accumulating characteristic sediment on walls, furniture and dishes;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • the constant need to clean the room;
  • regular airing of the house.
  • ventilation in the kitchen
    Hydroponic Fan 2021

An example of using the Vents VK hydroponic fan in the kitchen

All these consequences lead not only to damage to your property, but also to a serious threat to the health of your family and friends. High-quality Hydroponic Fan not only saves you money, but also takes care of the health of your household.


A huge number of people are wondering how to make ventilation in the kitchen so that the principle of operation fully complies with all established standards. It is enough just to connect any modern model of the kitchen exhaust system to the general ventilation network.

Monitor the scope of delivery and the availability

Most of the global manufacturers, who are leaders in the hydroponic of profile ventilation equipment, closely monitor the quality of assembly of their own hydroponic and complete all commodity items with the appropriate package of certificates.

Carefully monitor the scope of delivery and the availability of accompanying documents so that your ventilation in the kitchen works correctly and does not cause you to doubt your own solvency. Also, recuperators can be used to ensure high-quality ventilation in the kitchen.

kitchen ventilation is important factor

The principle of installing a particular hood remains general and the installation features depend on the specific model. It is important to consider the general norms of installation, dimensions to the countertop or hob. Among other things, it is important to remember that ventilation for the kitchen.

operating in recirculation mode is able to clean the room and air only from a small part of aerosol elements and particles. Any, even the most high-quality and expensive charcoal filter, is not able to clean the air from the combustion hydroponic. Therefore, do not forget to use your kitchen ventilation system in active mode.


First of all, you need to determine the place of installation of such a system. If we are talking about the kitchen of an apartment building, where the developer has already provided the building with a general ventilation system, then the question of the correct organization of the project disappears due to the lack of need.

They should be used to filter the incoming air inside the room, as it perfectly protects against dust and dirt, and also makes heat loss impossible in the winter season. But if we are talking about a private house, then there are several options for implementation. Among the most striking and functional.

Extractor hood and ventilation in the kitchen

All profile systems, regardless of the implementation method and special design requirements, include the use of an obligatory component - a Hydroponic Fan with a canopy. But even the best and largest umbrella is not always able to fully provide a good level of air cleaning.

two systems can be distinguished.

  • system with forced ventilation network;
  • natural passive ventilation system.

Each of the projects corresponds to different building conditions. What kind of kitchen ventilation will be directly depends on the exploited area of ​​the house and a number of other components that are considered when designing a building. The main source of high-quality hood is the Hydroponic Fan.

Factor 6. Hydroponic fan design

To do this, the house must comply with the norms of the general ventilation network, which will provide the room with the necessary amount of incoming air.

  Fan designs for hydroponic mounting are very diverse. They are also equipped with appropriate accessories.  Hydroponic Fan can differ in connection diameter (100… 500 mm) or dimensions of rectangular / square hydroponic.

  • They can have a metal or plastic case, or a case made of modern composite materials.
  • By removing the side panels on the cube model, you can change the direction of the air flow. 
  • Hydroponics differ in installation methods and orientation, as well as service capabilities.

They have different designs of the impeller

  • With forward or backward curved blades, with diagonal blades, with metal or plastic impellers.
  • There are models with asynchronous (AC) and EC motors, noise-insulated models.
  • There are performances with increased performance - dual fans.
  • Explosion-proof Hydroponic Fan are also available for installation with round air hydroponics.

  It is very important to consider the diameter of the connection point and the hydroponic fan

Diameter calculated according to the following formula:
D = 1000 * √ (4 * S / π) ,
D is the diameter of the hydroponic section;
S   - cross-sectional area of ​​air hydroponics (air hydroponics), (m2);
π is pi, a mathematical constant equal to 3.14.
  The resulting number is compared with the factory standards approved by GOST, and the prohydroponics that are closest in diameter are selected.
Power consumption of Hydroponic Fan
  Power consumption is an equally important factor when choosing a hydroponic fan. In light of the increasing demands for energy saving in recent years, Hydroponic Fan are recommended for installation that comply with the latest standards (ERP directives) on energy consumption and energy efficiency.


 It is much more profitable to use fans with EC motors, as their operation reduces energy consumption by more than 50%.  Let's compare the energy consumption and CO2 emissions for a Hydroponic Fan with an AC motor and an EC motor. The savings and environmental benefits are clear.