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What is cooling fan factory price in China 2022?

2022-03-21 hqt

Which factory fan is better: top models and features of choice?

Cooling fan factory price starts from $250. It can vary according to brand and your requirement. The air in the factory usually has a high humidity, which leads to condensation, and then mold, dark spots and unpleasant odors. You can avoid problems with the help of an artificial ventilation system and special devices - exhaust fans.

cooling fan factory price

On sale you can find a wide range of cooling fan factory price models. And to choose the best factory exhaust fan, you should get acquainted with their features and a list of the most popular options in 2022.

Main selection criteria in cooling fan factory price

When choosing a fan for artificial ventilation in the factory, you should pay attention to the following parameters:


On which the rate of air renewal depends. For a factory, the air exchange rate is from 4 to 8. And, therefore, in a room with a volume of 10 m3, it is necessary to install a fan with a capacity of 40 to 80 m3 / hour.

Security level: It is recommended that you choose 12V or 24V powered devices. Selecting a model with an IP24 or IP25 enclosure will also help ensure safety.

Work volume: The recommended noise level that will not affect the comfort of residents or guests is up to 55 dB.

Dimensions: Should correspond to the dimensions of the cross-section of the ducts. Standard fans are 100mm or 125mm.

To improve the efficiency of moisture removal and save energy, the fan may have additional functions. For example, a humidity sensor that automatically turns on ventilation, or a motion detector that starts the system when a person appears.

The built-in timer will turn on the fan at the same time as the lighting and turn it off after a while. Before purchasing you must know cooling fan factory price.

How to choose cooling fan factory?

When choosing which factory fan is better, you can focus on the characteristics of the devices and spend a lot of time on selection. To save it, you should immediately pay attention to the models that most buyers choose, leaving mostly positive reviews about them. These are the ones we have collected for this rating.

The reliable and efficient 23 W model is suitable for installation in factories with an area of ​​15–25 m 2 Fan performance - 250 m 3 per hour; power supply 220 V, noise level during operation is not higher than 46 dB.

The device withstands temperatures up to 40 °C and is designed for installation in ducts with a diameter of 150 mm. The front panel is reinforced with stiffeners for added durability, and the case is IPX4 rated for splash protection.

What is cooling fan factory price?

With a cooling fan factory price that is high enough for a fan, the model is in demand due to its good performance and reliability, neat appearance and thoughtful protection. Not only moisture does not get inside the case, but also most of the dust, from which it is not necessary to clean the blades.

cooling fan factory price 2022

Among the minuses, one can note an increase in the noise level after a few months of operation and the need for a large air duct. In narrow ventilation shafts, the device will not work as efficiently.

A model cooling fan factory price about 300 dollars, designed to service premises with an area of ​​10–15 m 2. This is suitable for getting rid of excess moisture in large factories. The maximum productivity of the device is 320 m 3 / hour, the power is 25 W, the connection is made to a conventional single-phase 220 V power supply.

Features of cooling fan factory

The fan has a durable housing made of ABS plastic. The noise level, in accordance with the technical specifications, should not exceed 35 dB, which allows you not to notice the operation of the device even at night. However, some users still complain about noticeable noise after a long operation of the hood.

The list of advantages of the cooling fan factory price includes the effective removal of humid air and the presence of a check valve, which allows you to avoid unpleasant odors entering the room. It has a completely modern design and easy installation, high-quality assembly and reliable construction.

Best cooling fan factory

Compact exhaust fan capable of operating in high humidity conditions and designed for rooms up to 15–25 m 3 in volume. The design provides for a check valve to protect against foreign odors entering the room, a humidity sensor and even a shutdown timer.

 The device can automatically turn on if the air is too humid, and turn off after 1-20 minutes of operation. The special shape of the impeller provides a noise level of up to 33 dB.

Other options

When choosing the best exhaust fan for the factory, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

Noise level:

Unobtrusive sound will be up to 35 dB. Constant noise will negatively affect the psychological state, contributes to fatigue.

Mounting method:

Devices can be overhead, ceiling, and built-in. The latter are in demand due to their stealth, efficiency, ease of installation in the ventilation duct


Since the cooling fan factory price, the appliance must be reliably protected from moisture. The optimal security class is from IP44.

Additional functions of cooling fan factory price

Thanks to them, the user will be able to adjust the power, set the boundary level of humidity in the room for automatic on / off. Fans equipped with a motion sensor automatically turn on when you visit the factory and turn off if the room is empty.

It is especially important to have a check valve, thanks to which dust from the duct does not penetrate into the room. Some models are equipped with a remote control that allows you to set the operating mode of the device from a distance.


The advantages of the fan include an affordable price, small size and weight, a high level of automation of its work. The advantages are ease of installation, build quality, noiselessness and design. However, due to the decorative panel, the performance of the device is relatively small.