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Why Bluetooth Exhaust Fan Is Essential for Every House?

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Bluetooth Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fan: what it is and why it is useful?

The bathroom Bluetooth exhaust fan is nothing more than a device, powered by electricity and common in all those cases where there is a need to ventilate a blind bathroom, i.e. without a window. They tend to be wall or ceiling mounted and can be small, medium and large in size.

The types of bathroom exhaust fans on the market are different, but all of them operate and move by an electric powered motor and in some cases, comes with a protective grid.

The use of a exhaust fan which, being without a window, is more subject to stagnation of water vapor and therefore to the formation of mold on the walls and ceiling.

Functions and characteristics of Bluetooth exhaust fan

The current market offers various models of bathroom exhaust fans of different brands. All models refer to three different types of exhaust fans.

Chief among these is the axial or helical exhaust fan. It is a device where the pressure useful to suck the air exerts by the fan, which conveys it outwards through a tubular duct.

Usually, with this type of exhaust fan, the pressure produced by the rotation of the fan is very low. Consequently, these devices are suitable, in situations where the exhaust pipe is short and without any curvature.

Ensures a higher suction pressure

The second type of these devices is that of the centrifugal Bluetooth exhaust fan. In this model of aspirator there is a spiral device placed between the fan and the air outlet. The main function of this element is to ensure a higher suction pressure.

How to choose the best Bluetooth exhaust fan?

Choosing the right bathroom exhaust fan for your needs is not as simple as it might seem. It depends on the careful examination of some important aspects.

First of all, the one concerning the length of the exhaust pipes. As we have just said, the longer and more tortuous the exhaust duct, the more suction pressure will be necessary and consequently it will be advisable to choose between the three different types of aspirators described above.

The second aspect concerns the power of the engine and the air flow. These two factors relate to the size of the bathroom, which means that the larger the room, the greater the engine power must be to suck up the entire amount of air.

Usually, for medium-sized bathrooms, a Bluetooth exhaust fan with a power of about 15 W should be chosen, which generally manages to suck in 90 m³ of air. For small bathrooms, exhaust fans with power ranging from a minimum of 4 watts to a maximum of 8 watts are more than sufficient.

Aspiration speed is the third buying factor to consider

This suggests that there are exhaust fans with different speeds on the market. For medium to large bathrooms, a two-speed exhaust fan should be chosen.

For small bathrooms, one speed is more than enough. Much attention should be paid to the noise factor of a Bluetooth exhaust fan. This might seem an almost irrelevant aspect, but in reality, a high noise level could disturb the neighborhood, especially at night.

Consequently, the most suitable choice is to opt for the least noisy exhaust fan possible. The last aspect to consider is that inherent to the aesthetics of the aspirator.

This aspect depends above all on the style of your bathroom and in this regard, there are various models of aspirators with a particular design on the market, suitable for environments created in a certain style.

Having said that, in order to further direct you towards choosing the best bathroom exhaust fan model that best suits your needs, below we will examine in detail five of the best products on the market.

Types of bathroom exhaust fans. A small guide that will help you choose the best exhaust fan.

Bluetooth Exhaust Fan 2022

Why Bluetooth exhaust fan is essential?

First of all, let's start by saying what exactly a bathroom exhaust fan is and what function it performs.

Sometimes in the house we have the possibility of obtaining an extra bathroom even if of reduced dimensions and often without a window, it follows the need to mechanically create a change of air.

Such as? With an exhaust fan that is essential in this sense for two reasons:

  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Maintains a constant degree of humidity (to avoid the onset of mold)

In practice, the propeller of the aeration system will suck the air saturated with humidity and bad smells and take it out (although not always as we will see later) by introducing Bluetooth exhaust fan into the bathroom.

How to choose an exhaust fan for the bathroom: size and power

The first criterion to be able to properly choose an exhaust fan for the bathroom is to start from the size of the bathroom itself and the possibility or not of installing it.

  • In concrete terms, the larger the bathroom the more you will need more power because it will contain more air to move.

An example? 15 watts move up to 90 cubic meters per hour.

  • For smaller bathrooms, or service bathrooms, 7 or 8 watts of Bluetooth exhaust fan will be sufficient that will move 40-50 cubic meters per hour.

But let's take a closer look at some features.

Types of exhaust fans

Obviously, there are different types to choose from. With drain or without external drain? It goes without saying that the latter are less efficient than the former.

Without external exhaust: the aspirator will work by conveying the air towards internal filters, usually with activated carbon, to be replaced periodically. They have a high absorbent power so they are able to retain bad odors but are lacking in terms of humidity.

With external exhaust: the Bluetooth exhaust fan will work by conveying the air to the outside. In fact, guaranteeing an efficient exchange of air.

What models are available?

Classic or in-line aspirators: they install directly in the duct and are suitable for both introducing and extracting the air inside the bathroom.

Helical fans: more efficient if we face with a blind bathroom as they move large volumes of air at low pressure. Exhaust and intake mount parallel to the engine axis with the exhaust perpendicular.

Centrifugal or radial fans: the latter, on the contrary, are able to move smaller volumes of air at high pressure. Inside this aspirator there is a spiral chamber, called cochlea, where the air that passes from the Bluetooth exhaust fan directs.