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What is a duct exhaust fan: Where to buy it?

2021-12-17 hqt

Industrial square exhaust duct fan

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Ensuring air quality in the industrial working environment is one of the leading solutions to improve labor productivity. One of the devices that aim to bring about an effective industrial working environment air treatment today is the square exhaust fan.

Furthermore, products with many of their outstanding functions are an indispensable choice in today's industrial working environment.

Outstanding Characteristics of square exhaust fan

Currently, industrial exhaust fan products on the market are designed with many different models and types. One of the most popular product lines on the market is the square exhaust duct exhaust fan. The product possesses a series of special functions that not all industrial exhaust fans have.

The square exhaust fan model uses a exhaust duct system with a square design that offers many superior functions compared to other ducted fan models. The air flow provided in the working environment will also be more and create the ability to effectively regulate the air.

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The factory environment with machines and equipment operating continuously will increase the temperature of the air quickly. Due to which it easily makes employees feel pressing and uncomfortable. 

Therefore, the use of cooling devices, especially duct exhaust fan, is extremely necessary to help the air circulation process.

Structure of duct exhaust fan

This is a type of air intake fan designed with a shaft that reads based on exhaust force. After the rack is sucked inward, the fan will push it in a straight direction with this axis. 

The structure of the fan will usually include a full range of parts such as the fan wheel, shell, shaft and machine rack. Each part will promote its own use to create an extremely effective suction device.

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The fan's rotation will create a pressure to increase the speed of drawing air into the inside of the fan. Meanwhile, the outer shell of the fan will support the direction of the air flow so that the air goes straight into the spinning wheel. 

For each type of duct exhaust fan with different sizes, the fan cover will mount directly on the body. Moreover, we can place separately on the pedestal to create a solid fulcrum.

Some popular duct exhaust fan

Three main types of exhaust fans are currently there in all factory areas. These include high, medium and low pressure fans. They have their own advantages to meet the needs and characteristics of factories.

Firstly, high-pressure exhaust fans are often preferred to be installed in factory systems with extremely large amounts of heat. It contains as metallurgical furnaces, battery manufacturing industry, metal factories, etc. It helps to draw air and balance the temperature of the environment inner field.

Medium Pressure Exhaust fan

Secondly, along with that, the medium-pressure fan will be the most suitable choice for environments containing a lot of exhaust gas, especially with dust and mixed wood dust.

At this time, the duct exhaust fan will further promote its use in reducing dust and emissions to keep the environment fresh. In particular, the medium-pressure fan is also capable of operating in air conditions with temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius.

In addition, the low-pressure fan model with a smaller capacity will be designed for single intakes in normal-sized exhaust systems. The advantage of this fan model is its moderate size, low noise, multi-blade fan structure and stable and long-lasting operation.

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Why do you choose us?

With such information, the exhaust fan samples at Hg duct fan will certainly not disappoint you. As a supplier of quality duct exhaust fan. We are proud to help you get the best fans with the highest cleaning and air cooling efficiency. 

Industrial circular exhaust fan

In the current industrial era, the rapid development of urban areas, high-rise buildings as well as the continuous operation of manufacturing factories have made the space inside the construction works become more and more attractive.

 At this time, the installation of a circular exhaust fan will be the necessary choice to serve the needs of cooling and aeration for the works. 

Why should use a circular exhaust duct exhaust fan?

Duct exhaust fan is a common item useful a lot in exhaust systems with the main role of creating air flow from hot air areas to cool air areas to balance the heat level, reducing the amount of heat. Currently, exhaust fans are divided into two main designs.

  • Firstly, square fans
  • Secondly, round fans

Which one is more popular between these two types?

The circular exhaust fan has a frame design of a circular fan. Moreover, the internal rotating fan system will run in a clockwise direction. From which, the fan not only ensures a large amount of wind but also provides the ability to cool quickly.

Moreover, this improves the efficiency of air flow. As such, this type of fan can meet the cooling requirements in extremely high temperature factory areas.  In particular, compared to square duct exhaust fan, the circular fan design brings more economic benefits to the installation areas.

Due to the simple structure, the construction of the circular exhaust fan also becomes simpler and easier. Further, the fan operation also ensures a lot of energy savings. It provides a great cooling solution for both apartment buildings and industrial zones. 

What is the industrial axial fan price?

Circular ventilators sell at the prices listed on the website. But depending on the time, we have different prices. If you want to buy axial fans or other industrial fans, please contact us for the best advice and quotation in the market.

Where to buy best duct exhaust fan?

Industrial square exhaust fan is one of the most commonly useful and most effective products today. It has with the strength of a manufacturer and supplier of large duct exhaust fan. Hg duct fan always has the best price and best service policy today.