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3 Best Features of Exhaust Fan 6inch: GF-150P

2021-12-17 hqt

Why should you use industrial exhaust fans?

Industrial exhaust fan 6inch is one of the indispensable equipment for companies, factories, factories, industrial parks. Thanks to them, the air becomes fresh, clean, odorless, and clean. Bacteria, dust as well as heat radiation.

Exhaust Fan 6inch

Advantages of using industrial exhaust fans. 

Industrial exhaust fan 6inch has two types on the market:

  • Firstly, square exhaust fans
  • Secondly, round exhaust fans

These two types of exhaust fans generally have the same purpose of sucking air and circulating air. But it depends on the application. In different locations, you should note and refer more.

For the easiest explanation, the square exhaust fan has many sizes and large air volume. So it should be useful in factories, factories, farms, orchid gardens, warehouses, and commercial centers, because of the high volume of traffic.

Why choose HEE-150PZR 6 Inch exhaust fan?

Exhaust Fan 6inch 2021

HEE-150PZR 6 Inch exhaust fan, also popular as round exhaust fan. Moreover, it has a relatively small size from 200 to 600. The maximum air flow is only 18,000M3/h to 20,000M3/h. The exhaust fan 6inch moves directly, so the noise level is very large. The fan has a high capacity, so it consumes power. 

However, the axial exhaust fan has a high pressure and rotational speed, so it is often combined with air ducts to draw air and supply fresh air in large-area factories, which square exhaust fans cannot reach. You should consult and call the company's consultant for the best support and advice. 

Back to the question of why to use industrial exhaust fans

Almost everyone understands why, but I still want to explain it to newcomers to have more basic knowledge of exhaust.  Basically, the air is always stationary, especially in the environments in factories or farms. Moreover, in kitchens, enclosed by four walls, the air cannot circulate among itself.

But we must create forced air, that is, act on it to allow air to circulate. In a stationary air environment it will be very dangerous. Though the air is stationary but impurities are still released into the environment. These are in the form of odors, smoke, and other impurities.

In what way exhaust fans are valuable for us?

 Furthermore, it's very dangerous to health, and livestock living in such environment is very profitable. So we have to use forced air for that environment.  To create forceful air, we have to use industrial exhaust fan 6inch. It draws air in the factory, creating a differential pressure between the internal environment and the outside environment.

Moreover, due to this fan, the air Pollution is sucked out and fresh air from outside is pushed into the factory, when the air environment is changed constantly, it will be airy and comfortable for people and animals.

The next question is how to choose a fan?

That can make it difficult for you, but we are always there to support technical advice for customers. You just need to contact us, provide some basic information, we will advise you. We provide advice and orientation for customers to buy the right product to buy.

Industrial exhaust fan 6inch is an industrial exhaust fan with many different sizes. Currently, exhaust fans are widely useful and present in most of the buildings, factories, restaurants, livestock farms. With the strength close to many years of experience in the field of electric fans, industrial fans, we are confident to fully meet your needs.

For all things related to electric fans, we will advise, support installation, warranty and provide the best price on the Chinese market. Furthermore, Hg duct fan - is currently a leading manufacturer and distributor in the field of exhaust fans in particular and industrial fans in general.

What is industrial exhaust fan used for?

Exhaust fan 6inch is useful for vacuuming, hot air, odor extraction, exhaust gas, fresh air supply. Moreover, it provides cooling for industrial parks, restaurants, factories, canteens.

Moreover, it is fruitful for livestock farms, greenhouses, to create a ventilation and clean environment with good air circulation.

Advantages of industrial exhaust fans

  • Firstly, industrial exhaust fans compared with air conditioners have the same cooling efficiency, reducing production costs.
  • Secondly, exhaust fans can be even more effective if well water is good as well as tap water
  • Thirdly, moist, clean air: air cleanliness can reach 99%

Why our products are fruitful?

Reliable quality and economic prices, attentive and dedicated service have helped  our company's industrial exhaust fans become the hottest and outstanding products for constructions, greenhouses, etc.

Moreover, the exhaust fan 6inch frame is covered with a thick zinc layer, preventing the product from rusting, making the product color durable over time, keeping the fan shiny. The belt pulley comes of high-grade aviation aluminum which is very light, sturdy, high mechanical strength.

Main features of our exhaust fan

Impeller is made of stainless steel, anti-deformation, impeller is checked through dynamic balance to ensure safety, reduce noise.

  • Exhaust fan door: made of hot-plated metal, the fan door has the effect of blocking rain, wind, dust, impurities from flying in, helping to increase the life of the engine.
  • Motor made of 100% copper wire, solid, ensuring high performance
  • Imported belt with high strength, free deformation and maintenance free

Exhaust fan 6inch now have many famous models and brands, according to which it also has a full range of different sizes depending on the needs and options of customers.

Industrial exhaust fan application

  • Firstly, air circulation: exhaust fans help circulate air for factories and farms, helping to ventilate the working environment, creating effective work productivity.
  • Secondly, vacuuming, hot air: reducing dust and heat in factory buildings, helping the air become cool, airy, and clean.
  • Thirdly, fresh air supply: provide fresh and cool wind, air conditioner, bring natural breeze, maintain, ensure health

Industrial exhaust fans undergo a series of tests such as noise, vibration, blade rotation speed, exhaust and efficiency, ensuring that customers always receive a complete product. The best feature, the most efficient.