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How to install econ air exhaust fan in 2022? 

2022-02-22 hqt

Wall-mounted econ air exhaust fan is a product that many people trust. The product is rated as a high quality product with many outstanding features. The following article would like to share some information about wall-mounted ventilation fans .What are the advantages of the device, and how to install the fan.

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What is a wall-mounted exhaust fan?

A wall-mounted exhaust fan is a device that helps circulate air from the outside into the space. By using exhaust fans, stagnant air will be brought outside and fresh air from outside will be brought in.

Ventilation fans are usually mounted directly on the wall. Ventilation fans are used in places where air cannot circulate by it such as: offices, restrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens...

Exhaust fans design

Wall-mounted exhausts fans are one of the most commonly use types of ventilation fans today. The econ air exhaust fan design comes with a simple and compact design. The fan operates smoothly without making any noise.

The capacity of the wall-mounted ventilator is very diverse. So it depends on the needs of use to bring a cool atmosphere to the room.

The advantages of wall-mounted exhaust fans

When living in a space that not well ventilate. It will make people's health deteriorate, especially living in densely populate areas. Ventilation fans will be an effective solution to overcome stagnant air in a closed space.

Stagnant air in a closet space will make the humidity unbalance. This is a favorable environment for bacteria to multiply, affecting human health. Those not feeling comfortable, and reduce activity. . Moisture imbalance is an environment for mold, insects and vermin.

How does econ air exhaust fan work?

The econ air exhaust fan will push hot stagnant air from inside to outside. It provide fresh air and increase the amount of oxygen in the house, making the air more airy, more comfortable, molds and insects. Insects are also not able to grow and affect utensils and people.

No matter what space, people always need a cool and comfortable space to live and work. The ventilation system will be the best solution to help circulate air, dissipate heat in the house, remove dirt, and balance humidity for all spaces.

Reduce the risk of pollution

In the family, there are many harmful causes for human health such as: gas, washing powder, smoke, mold, etc. Especially when the environment changes, the temperature increase, so every house uses air conditioners. . Therefore, the space must always close to ensure the temperature in the room.

 It makes the air unable to circulate, with the help of the exhaust fan. It will rebalance the indoor air, providing fresher air.

In addition, the econ air exhaust fan will help filter out dust and dirt from the air.  The moisture balance will not affect indoor equipment such as furniture, electronic equipment, etc. And avoid road-related diseases respiratory tract, especially in homes with sick people.

Econ air exhaust fan Reduce humidity in bathrooms and toilets

Installing ventilation fans for bathrooms and toilets is essential because the space in the bathroom is always in a humid state. This allows mold and harmful bacteria to multiply and develop quickly. And chemical products such as soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, detergents... can also be their environment that affects human health.

econ air exhaust fan 2022

In particular, the bathroom or toilet always built close. That's why the air will not be circulated. The humidity is always high; the utensils in it are always moldy or damaged very quickly. Installing ventilation fans in this area is the most important thing.

Ceiling fans and econ air exhaust fan often have a delicate and luxurious design, when installed. They will not take up much space and bring aesthetics, without breaking the structure of the entire space.

How to calculate the required air flow for each space?

To choose the right wall-mounted exhaust fan, you should refer to the following steps:

Step 1: Calculate the volume of the room to install the ventilation fan

Room volume (m3) = Length x Width x Height

Step 2: Calculate the required amount of air required air volume (m3/h) = Required air change per hour (times/h) x Room volume (m3)

In which: If ventilation is continuous for 24 hours, the ventilation frequency is only 1/2 of the instantaneous ventilation. For example: The bedroom has a length of 8 m, a width of 6 m, a height of 3 m, then the room volume is 320 m3.

So the required amount of air = 1440 m3/h (=320 x 6). We can choose a fan with a wind flow of more than 1500 m3/h for ventilation.

The simplest and most accurate way to install a wall-mounted exhaust fan

Determine the volume, the require air change per hour and calculate the amount of air required for the space where the econ air exhaust fan is to be installed.

To install the simplest and most accurate ventilation fan, you need to determine the relevant parameters of the space you want to install. It is necessary to clearly define the volume so that the ventilation fan can be selected and installed with the appropriate capacity and size.

Benefits of Wall mounted Exhaust fan

Avoid excess or lack of air for everyone in the room. Not only does it not bring benefits to people, it also destroys the beauty of the overall room, losing a lot of money.

Exhaust fans with large capacity for small spaces cannot be purchased, such as centrifugal or axial ventilation fans. Or for large spaces that cannot choose a small wall fan, it will cost a lot to install.

Determine the location to install the exhaust fan

Once you have select and determine the volume of the ventilation fan installation space, you should choose the installation location. Econ air exhaust fan should place in places where air cannot circulate the most to help optimize ventilation.

The location of the fan is very important. Because the position of the fan affects the fan's ability to circulate air for the space in which you use the fan. If the ventilation fan is not installed correctly in a position, it will not bring a cool space to the room space.

Necessary tools to install the wall-mounted fan

Prepare the tools to install the wall-mounted ventilation fan

Indispensable equipment in the process of installing ventilation fans:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • String beads
  • Safety glasses and masks

Installing econ air exhaust fan exhaust fan

First, you should drill a line to fix the fan installation position. When drilling, you should mark on the wall to avoid deviation of the ventilation fan. Wall fans always design to be square, so you need to drill a square hole. And use a pencil to mark the size and contour of the fan. That helps the fan position not to move, fixed in one place to avoid affecting the space.