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5 Types of Grow Tent Fan Placement

2022-02-22 hqt
Grow Tent Fan Placement

You have a workshop or farm that needs industrial grow tent fan placement. But if you do not have knowledge about industrial grow tent fans, you may lose money without doing anything. Please equip with the following knowledge about industrial grow tent fans.

What is an industrial grow tent fan?

Industrial grow tent fan is a type of industrial fan that has the function of circulating air to remove hot gases, odors. This type of industrial grow tent fan has a large capacity and flow of air, so it is suitable for places with high wind capacity. This includes large areas such as factories, warehouses, livestock barns, etc.

That's why industrial grow tent fans are also known as industrial exhaust fans, industrial blowers or blower industrial fans.

What are the uses of industrial grow tent fans?

Today, the use of industrial grows tent fans has become popular with many of the following benefits:

  • Exhaust harmful toxic substances in the room out.
  • Exhaust excess moisture, excess heat to the outside

Supply fresh air rich in O2 for people and domestic animals.

Air circulation: The grow tent fan placement has the effect of circulating air, pushing hot, stagnant air from the inside out and sucking in oxygen-rich air to provide the space with ventilation and coolness.

Minimizing the risk of pollution:

 Air pollution in factories, warehouses, livestock farms is common. It usually cause by exhaust gases and chemicals in smoke, gas, dust, livestock wastewater. It needs to use a ventilation system, pushing the source of polluted air to the outside. Create a healthy working environment to ensure the health of employees.

In some other cases, grow tent fan placement also install to overcome unrespect incidents such as fires, spreading toxic substances in high-rise buildings, export processing industrial parks, etc.

Especially when combine with the cooling pad, it will form a professional factory cooling system.

When should industrial grow tent fans be common?

Large area, need to use independent fan system to circulate air. The enclose workshop space to install the industrial cooling system also needs to incorporate a grow tent fan system.

Livestock and farming farms need to ensure humidity and temperature. The area has a lot of bad smell, toxic…

Types of industrial grow tent fans today

In terms of organization method, industrial grow tent fans are divided into 2 types: exhaust fans, local ventilation and exhaust fans, overall ventilation.

1. Exhaust fan and local ventilation

This is a type of fan that brings remarkable efficiency thanks to the specially design air duct. It is possible to make use of the space between 2 layers of plaster ceiling to make air ducts to the outside.

Grow Tent Fan Placement 2022

Ceiling fans usually use Ψ110 connecting pipes; centrifugal blades make high ventilation efficiency, low noise. Fans of diverse sizes should use for many purposes such as: office ventilation, hall ventilation, cafe ventilation, Wc

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Wall-mounted grow tent fan

Wall-mounted exhaust fans are the easiest to install because they are wall-mounted or fit in a gearbox without the use of ducts.

The grow tent fan placement is a fan that uses 5 blades for higher air intake efficiency than other types. Ceiling fans are very diverse in size and wind flow, and can be common by households as well.

Duct-connected industrial grow tent fan

Duct-connect grow tent fans include two types: coaxial conduit-connected grow tent fans and perpendicular ceiling-mounted grow tent fans.

Coaxial ceiling fan uses 1 exhaust fan. 1 blows the air out. The fan specializes in installing ventilation ducts for high-rise buildings, for ventilation of buildings, offices, and commercial centers (where strong suction power and low noise are required)

Grow tent fan placement connecting perpendicular ceiling duct with air inlet and outlet direction perpendicular to each other. This fan  widely use for ventilation, air supply and cooling needs in high-class buildings such as hotels, meeting rooms, offices..

2. Overall grow tent fan placement

Since overall ventilation is ventilation for a large area or collection of rooms in a building. We need to use a complete ventilation system. The fans use must be industrial grow tent fans with high capacity, much larger air intake than local grow tent fans, so the noise level is also higher, such as centrifugal fans and axial fans.

The overall ventilation is capable of combining with the central air conditioning system to supply fresh air to the whole building system.

Classification according to the structure of the fan

This is a type of fan common very commonly in industrial parks, factories, and manufacturers. The square wall-mounted industrial grow tent fan has a square design and a variety of sizes, so consumers can choose the most suitable industrial grow tent fan and install it in the right locations.

Square wall mounted industrial exhaust fan for good wind speed and easy installation.

Axial industrial grow tent fan

Axial grow tent fans in industry are very commonly common. It has a wide range of applications: ventilation, basement exhaust, factories, livestock households, agriculture, forestry and fishery, industrial parks, buildings, ventilation.

Grow tent fan placement is a type of grow tent fan with intake and exhaust flow parallel to the fan shaft. This current calls the wind. There are two types of axial grow tent fans.  These are direct axial fans and indirect axial fans. So depending on the purpose and needs of use, you can choose the best industrial grow tent fan on the market.

Centrifugal industrial grow tent fan placement

Centrifugal industrial exhaust fan is a single-intake fan with different parts shape by molds. Grow tent fan blades are design and manufacture by centrifugal technology, so they are divide into many small blades, small size, low noise... Centrifugal industrial ventilators are common in ventilation areas.

Circular industrial grow tent fan

Circular grow tent fan placement mainly use for ventilation in warehouses. It also works in shops, amusement parks, entertainment areas, exhaust hoods, kitchen smoke extraction. So they are very popular and widely common. With special design, impeller is bent, low noise, best operating efficiency; convenient installation, easy, easy maintenance, maintenance.

Square Shutters Industrial Grow tent fan

With a delicate design, especially the square-shape industrial grow tent fan with shutters with additional shutters. So that the fan when install outdoors is not afraid of the sun and rain, it is easy to open and close the door, helping the internal components.