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Why do you need flexible duct fans for your manufacturing plant?

2021-11-05 hqt

Introduction of flexible duct
Using flexible duct fans in restaurants, kitchens, and industrial production is now a mandatory regulation to help remove smoke, dissipate heat, absorb grease, create fresh air, and ensure the health of workers. working here. So which type of axial duct fan is good, how to choose the right fan? 

In the following article, we will share with you the best fan brands that are best suited for the space used.

Overview of industrial fume extractor duct fan

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What is a flexible duct fan?

Axial smoke duct fan  is a type of ventilation fan with extremely large suction pressure, flow, and pressure suitable for use conditions. Widely applied, used for restaurant kitchen smoke duct systems, corridor smoke duct in cases of fire and explosion, toxic smoke in underground areas, or garbage burning areas, welding fumes, etc.

Located in the dedicated fan system for industrial smoke extraction, the flexible duct fan is widely used in restaurants, hotels, factories, industrial parks, workplaces...

Outstanding advantages of flexible duct fan

The fan installation location is somewhat special. It also needs to have outstanding features compared to other normal factory ventilation fans, specifically:

1. The fan comes with high heat resistance, effective air intake, occupies less area than a centrifugal fan, simple in installation. In addition, because the fan has high pressure, it is also suitable for installation in pipeline systems with high resistance.

Able to ventilate with large capacity for a long time.

3. Convenient installation and maintenance

4. Large airflow, high pressure: thanks to the superior design from the motor to the blade design, creating large airflow, the pressure is many times higher than that of conventional flexible duct fans.

Low noise flexible duct:

 due to the airflow generated along the blade direction, it eliminates the vortex areas, helping the fan to have lower noise than conventional axial fans.

6. Convenient installation, takes up less space than a centrifugal fan. Axial industrial duct fans is easy to connect to the duct on the wall, the installation form can be perpendicular or parallel, saving space.

Which type of industrial axial smoke duct fan is good?

This is a question that many people ask because this fan is not popular. To find yourself a suitable fan product, we should pay attention to the criteria for choosing a flexible duct fan to save costs in the best way.

Note when choosing axial stove duct fan

However, the selection of fans needs to ensure certain criteria as follows:

Wind speed flexible duct:

According to the standard, the wind speed at the fan's intake must be from 0.2 - 0.4 m/s to ensure that smoke and odors are absorbed into the system in the best way.

Power of the fan

 The kitchen smoke duct fan needs strong suction and far thrust. Depending on the size of the hood and the length of the smoke pipe, you should choose a duct fan with the right capacity to handle kitchen smoke continuously for a long time, taking care to avoid loud noises that cause discomfort when listening for a long time.

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Noise level flexible duct:

Carefully selected flexible duct fan with good motor, dynamically balanced propeller system to prevent vibration, emitting annoying noise when in use.

The best brand of industrial axial duct fan today

With all the considerations when choosing an axial duct fan above, we would like to refer to some famous and reliable brand names that are sure to meet your needs and usage space.

Therefore, you should choose industrial axial duct fans of the above brands to receive the most optimal, efficient, and durable products.

Supplying prestigious and quality axial kitchen duct fan

On the market today, many units provide kitchen duct fans with different quality, capacities, and prices. This makes it easy for buyers to fall into the matrix. Therefore, to choose the best, genuine axial kitchen duct fan from manufacturers, you can refer to information online or find reputable addresses.

What is an axial duct fan?

The axial fan is a ventilation flexible duct fan with suction and blowing direction parallel to the fan axis.

Currently, on the market this type of fan is divided into two basic types:

+ Direct axial fan: A fan with blades directly attached to the motor.

+ Indirect axial fan: Using a belt to transmit rotational force from the motor to the blade.

People often install axial exhaust fans in factories to serve the needs of heat load, ventilation, and cooling. At the same time, the axial ventilation fan also has the function of transporting harmful air. It is to bring a fresh environment to the entire space. 

This is considered an effective solution to help dispel the heat caused by the heat of the machines. The wind obtained from the flexible duct fan will soothe the uncomfortable stuffiness and heat of the factory, helping employees to be more comfortable in the working process.

Highlights of flexible duct fan

1. Smooth operation, no noise

The axial fan has a smart design that minimizes the noise level to keep the space in use quiet and unaffected. 

2. Consume less energy

Saving energy is the top concern of users, so axial exhaust fans are also focused on this factor.

3. Stable operation, high durability flexible duct

The whole fan comes of high-quality CT3 steel. Moreover, it comes with powder coating, so it ensures high durability and long-term durability. The optimal round frame design at both ends, solid and durable, helps the flexible duct fan to operate stably and operate smoothly.

4. Simple structure, easy to clean and repair

The fan has a simple structure that users can easily clean or repair when there is a problem

5. Compact design, high flexibility

Axial industrial fans in general have a compact design, high aesthetics, and simple installation. In particular, they also have a not too large weight.

6. Economical, efficient flexible duct

The investment cost for this exhaust fan product is not too large but still brings high efficiency, long-term stability

Working principle of industrial duct fan

Two round frame ends in same way. One end installs a flexible duct fan system to suck out toxic gases, heat, and moisture inside the building. The other end leads the air from outside through the vent system.

When the engine is running at high capacity, the air inlet will directly suck the exhaust gases. And dust in the environment and transmit it through the path to the outside to return a more airy and cool space.

Conclusion flexible duct

Both types are industrial ventilation fan products with the function of sucking hot air. Changing the pressure to help balance and circulate air between the inside and outside environment. And bring fresh, cool air inside. They are widely used in industrial parks, factories, factories, livestock, warehouses, basements, etc.