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3 Best Variety Ventilator available in the markets

2021-11-05 hqt

Axial Ventilator fans have become an indispensable part of factories today because of the practical benefits that affect the operational efficiency and economic efficiency that it brings, making investors and business owners "cool of heart" that invest and use in large quantities.

What is an axial Ventilator fan?

Axial Ventilator fan is a ventilation fan with suction and blowing direction parallel to the fan axis with the function of ventilation, sucking dust and impurities out of the environment. Currently, on the market, axial fans are divided into two basic types:

  • Direct Axial Ventilator Fan: A fan with blades directly attached to the motor.
  • Indirect Axial Fan: Uses a belt to transmit rotational force from the motor to the blade.

Overall, both types adhere to the working spirit and convey excellent functionality to the industrial environment. Depending on the nature of the environment as well as the needs of users, customers can choose the most suitable product.

Benefits of axial ventilation fans

To better understand the features of this fan, you can refer to the article: What are the advantages and disadvantages of axial Ventilator fans?

The benefits you get when using industrial axial fans

It can be said that using axial Ventilator fans effectively will optimize economic benefits and practical benefits for business owners and factories:

Actual benefits using of Ventilator

Axial ventilation fan helps to cool and circulate better air quickly: With a durable, high-quality motor, continuous operation for 72 hours without any sign of performance loss, and optimally designed propeller, Axial fan creates extremely strong suction, the large air volume, and ability to diffuse far away, so it helps to cool quickly, creating a cool and airy space.

Protect workers' health: The whole body design of the fan comes from high-grade CT3 steel, providing a solid, sustainable overall, long life to help fight moisture in the air, promoting the maximum capacity to protect workers' health. protect workers' health from respiratory diseases.

The benefit of economic axial Ventilator fans

Optimal cost savings: Industrial axial Ventilator fans can consume less energy than other fan models. Despite the continuous operation, it does not consume a lot of electricity, does not generate damage, and has constant repair costs. Should save maximum costs for businesses.

Promoting general economic development

 The working environment is an important factor in determining whether a business will develop or not. Only when the problem of environmental pollution is completely prevented and ideal working space builds, employees will spare no effort to devote themselves to improving work efficiency. The best address for supplying and installing industrial axial Ventilator fans

Benefits of axial Ventilator fans

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For each use purpose, we will choose different types of fans. Therefore, manufacturers have created countless fan products for home use and industrial use. And the axial exhaust fan is one of the most commonly common industrial electric fans today. So why are they so popular, let's find out the information below.

Features of industrial axial exhaust fans

Axial industrial fans feature airflow along the fan's axial direction with blades moving directly or indirectly through the belt.

The reason why ventilator fans are commonly common

Large airflow, stable operation

Axial structure with two types of direct and indirect motors combined with the design of the oblique blade to optimize airflow for large airflow, high pressure. Capable of durable operation for a long time while being dynamically balanced to prevent vibration during operation

High-quality materials axial Ventilator fans

It comes with high-quality materials, the axial industrial fans have a long service life in all environments such as dusty, humid places, containing explosives, ...

A high-end motor with 100% copper wire is durable and energy-saving

The frame and shell come of sturdy steel, resistant to external impacts, and paint with anti-rust paint

Optimal design

Ventilator 2021
  • The axial Ventilator fan has an optimal design for the user to bring convenience such as
  • Attach wheels to move easily to any position
  • With handle
  • Equipped with a protection net to prevent garbage to protect the engine
  • Flashing against the sun and rain with some ventilation fans.

Variety of models with different usability

Industrial axial Ventilator fans have a variety of models with different usability such as:

  • ducted fans
  • round fans
  •  square fans
  • high-pressure fans
  • explosion-proof fans
  •  portable fans, etc.

Depending on the purpose of use and installation space that consumers choose suitably.

Low price

Compared to other industrial fans, axial fans are relatively cheap and are common effectively, so many businesses and individuals choose to use them.

With the above reasons, you can probably understand why the current trend of using axial Ventilator fans is increasing. So, choose for yourself an axial electric fan product right now!

What are explosion-proof axial Ventilator fans?

Fire protection is always a top priority in all fields, especially in environments containing flammable solvents or gases. To overcome the cause of fire from electrical equipment such as industrial fans, using an explosion-proof fan is the right choice to avoid possible bad cases.

So, what is an explosion-proof fan? What kind of structure they have, let's find out the information below. Explosion-proof electric fans are industrial fans with a special structure according to fire prevention standards to help them work well in environments containing explosives such as gasoline, gas, etc.

What is the outstanding structure of the explosion-proof fan?

Explosion-proof fans include 3 main types: explosion-proof axial Ventilator fans, centrifugal fans, and ventilation fans.

The fan's motor is specially designed for the ability to operate stably, continuously for a long time with a large amount of wind and capacity.

Quiet operation with low noise

Deton explosion-proof axial Ventilator fan

The outer shell comes of high-quality materials that are heat-resistant and impact-resistant. At the same time, it molds thick and sealed without generating sparks, which has a great effect on effective explosion prevention that conventional fans do not have.

Conclusion Ventilator

The surface of the ventilator paints with high-grade electrostatic paint that is safe for users due to its thermal and electrical insulation properties.