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How to install fresh air purifier in home?

2021-12-27 hqt
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Fresh air purifier used for a long time, if not cleaned, will attract a lot of dirt. Affecting the air circulation function, it also creates a favorable environment for mold growth. The purifier should be removed and cleaned at least twice a year. How to remove the wall-mounted exhaust purifier is also quite simple, you can do it yourself.

Instructions on how to install the air purifier

Before learning how to install an air purifier, you need to choose the right type of purifier for the room volume. Small rooms choose too large exhaust purifiers, causing waste. On the contrary, in large rooms with small purifiers, the efficiency is low. How to choose the right air purifier for the room volume:

Calculate the volume of the room = Length x Width x Height (m).

Calculate the amount of air flow = room volume x air flow of each room type

Select an air purifier with a capacity > the amount of air circulating in the room.

In addition, when buying an air purifier, you should also pay attention to the noise factor.

Instructions on how to install the air purifier

And here are the steps to install the exhaust purifier

Priority should be given to installing purifiers in windy corners, less air circulation, secret .... Specifically:

Kitchen: put the purifier in an elevated position where there is free space, so that the newly purchased hot air escapes.

How to install a air purifier in the bathroom?

Install fresh air purifier near places that cause odors such as toilets, drains, etc. If your house is divided into two small rooms, which are the bathroom and the toilet area, you should leave the purifier in the bathroom.

How to install the air purifier in the bedroom?

 Put it on the opposite side and as far away from the door as possible, or the angle of the air gathers a lot.

Air-conditioned room: install the air purifier on the opposite side and as far away from the air conditioner as possible. The purifier should be placed higher than the air conditioner or 20-40cm from the ceiling.

Preparing instruments

Before installing the purifier, it is necessary to prepare essential supporting tools such as: drill, cutter, screwdriver, pliers, hammer, screws, scissors, wire beads, protective gear (gloves, glasses, masks... ), ladder, connecting pipe, a vent cap...

Installation of fresh air purifier

Build the ladder firmly, climb up and mark the exact location where the air purifier installs by: using a drill to impact the wall surface; form a square the size of the exhaust purifier.

How to remove the exhaust purifier?

Power off

Whether in the way of removing the wall-mounted fresh air purifier or any other type of purifier, when removing, the power must be completely disconnected. This helps to ensure our safety during the removal of the purifier.

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Right behind the purifier cover usually has a plug to connect the power source. But to remove the plug, you have to open the purifier cover. The best and safest way is to disconnect the electrical circuit breaker of the room using the purifier.

Remove the purifier cover

Elevate the purifier slightly to avoid the dust in the purifier cover falling on the face when removing. Purifier covers today are usually designed with 2 opposite prongs to keep the cover from falling. Gently press these 2 prongs, if there are mounting screws, turn them out and you have completed the step of removing the purifier cover.

Remove the propeller

With the old fresh air purifier line, the blade does not attach to the motor. We have to screw the screw to remove the wing part.

The new purifier blade attaches to the motor; you just need to remove the whole assembly.

Remove the fresh air purifier

The purifier motor usually attaches to the wall with screws. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw securing the motor. Next, unplug the power cord connected to the motor. Separate the exhaust pipe and the motor. Remove the motor.

When disassembling, do it very gently. Do not let the purifier fall or hit the blade on the edge of the exhaust pipe, which can lead to deformation, chipping, or broken blade. If the propeller fails during operation, it will make a loud sound and reduce efficiency.

  • After removing the purifier, you just need to put it on the ground and clean it.
  • Cleaning after removing the wall-mounted exhaust purifier
  • Cleaning the wall-mounted exhaust purifier

Clean purifier cover, blades and motor

To remove dust and dirt from the fresh air purifier, blades and wall-mounted exhaust purifier motor, use a vacuum cleaner. Turn on the strong mode to suck up all the dirt.

Next, dip a towel in diluted soapy water; wipe away any remaining stains on the lid and purifier blades. Using a cloth dipped in clean water, wash off all soap from the lid and purifier blades.

Pay attention to do it gently to avoid breaking the wing or cracking the purifier cover. In case the lid and wings are stuck with difficult-to-clean stains such as grease, use strong vinegar to wipe.

With engine part; to prevent water contact causing electric shock; or damage to internal components; you should only use a slightly damp cloth to wipe.

Then, take a dry cloth and wipe fresh air purifier all over.

Vacuuming in the exhaust pipe

The exhaust pipe is the place to transport the air in the room out, so the dust and dirt are not inferior to the lid or the purifier blade. How to clean the pipe as follows:

Insert the vacuum cleaner head deep into the tube. Vacuum up all the dirt and grease stuck in the exhaust pipe.

Use a damp cloth dipped in soapy water to clean the inside of the kettle.

Clean the purifier cover

Use a dry cloth to clean the dirt on the purifier housing. If the purifier cover is greasy, or the stain is difficult to clean, use a soapy cloth to gently rub it until the stain is clean.

Attention: do not let water get into the socket, avoid the risk of electric shock or electric shock when plugging the purifier back in.

Install and check the operation of the wall-mounted exhaust purifier

Clean the following purifier parts, then reinstall them in the following order:

  • Mount the motor to the purifier housing.
  • Attach the exhaust pipe to the engine.

Install the propeller; rotate it slightly by hand to check that the propeller is installed correctly.

If the propeller is installed correctly, plug it in.

Turn on the power to the purifier

After completing the steps to install the purifier; Please check again to make sure the purifier is working as it should. Open the switch to turn on the purifier, carefully observe when the purifier is operating or not? If the lid is stable, the purifier does not make strange sounds, the wind whistles stronger before cleaning.