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6 Important Functions of 6inch duct fan: Must for Every Business

2021-11-05 hqt

Distinguishing industrial exhaust fans and blowers

6inch duct fan and blowers are both extremely useful devices for humans. They play an important role in ensuring the health of workers, contributing to increasing labor productivity and increasing the life of machinery. 

However, many people confuse these two types of fans, so what is the difference between an exhaust fan and a blower? Let's find out with us in the article below.

Industrial 6inch duct fan

Exhaust fan is one of the most commonly used ventilation fans in the Vietnamese market. Moreover, With the main function of sucking exhaust gas, smoke, sucking smell, and supplying when fresh, it brings a cool and fresh atmosphere to factories, factories, factories, farming households, etc.

What are the advantages of a 6inch duct fan?

  • The 6inch duct fan has a structure for large air flow, high pressure, and stable operation
  • Easy to operate, suitable for many installation spaces
  • Also, Quiet operation
  • Energy saving
  • Remove toxic gases, dust, hot air quickly with great suction
  • Moreover, and at the same time bring fresh air into the space to help exchange
  • and balance the air to create a clean and cool environment.
  • Furthermore, as a product line for the industry, it has high durability
  • in a variety of models and sizes, suitable for installation in all types of terrain.

The function of a 6inch duct fan

The fan has the main function to suck exhaust gas, hot air, unpleasant odors, and dirt from the places where they are generated to bring it to the outside and at the same time provide fresh air for the interior space. Also, this ensures human health, contributes to increased productivity as well as increases the life of machinery and equipment.

6inch duct fan

Choose the right exhaust fan for the space

Currently, with the diverse needs of customers, manufacturers have launched many models with different performance capabilities. However, based on the basic structure and working principle, it can be divided into two types: 6inch duct fan and centrifugal fan.

Axial 6inch duct fan

6inch duct fan is a fan line that is constructed with an air inlet and outlet parallel to the axis of the fan. The characteristics of this device are compact, the number of blades often cuts the air directly when the environment is dusty, durable, easy to operate, simple to install...

However, The two types of axial fans commonly used today on the market are indirect axial fans and direct axial fans.

Centrifugal exhaust fan

As an exhaust fan with a large suction force, operating according to centrifugal force with a large number of blades, the motor drives directly or indirectly through the belt, usually located outside the path of the suction airflow, so it can avoid direct dust and dirt. from the wind.

Industrial blower 6inch duct fan

The blower fan is a 6inch duct fan with a special structure for the air to blow out parallel to the fan shaft. Also, With the main function is blowing smoke, blowing hot air, toxic smoke away from the source location, or blowing the air supply in areas especially lacking in oxygen.

Advantages of blower fans

A fan has large air flow, strong blowing ability for quick effect

Stable and durable operation in all environments

Dual function in use in suction or propulsion systems

Compact and flexible design

Easy to use and maintain

How to calculate the correct ventilation 6inch duct fan flow

6inch duct fan has the main function to blow air, dust, impurities in molding factories, plastic factories, chemical factories, garment factories, etc.

In addition, they are also used to supply fresh air in basements, tanks, sewer pipes, where there is dilute oxygen, ... to ensure the safety of workers.

6inch duct fan 2021

How to calculate the ventilation fan flow 

The air flow of the fan is one of the important parameters to determine in the process of choosing a fan, especially a ventilation fan, to achieve the best efficiency. However, not everyone knows the information about the wind flow and how to calculate the ventilation fan flow. 

So, let's learn about this parameter with us and how to calculate it is extremely simple and accurate!

What is the wind volume of a 6inch duct fan?

Wind flow is a parameter that represents the volume of air passing through a conduit section in a unit of time or simply understood, this is the amount of wind measured at a location on a route in a given time. certain time.

The wind flow can be calculated as m3/h

Choose the right ventilation fan for the space

Calculate the volume of the place of installation

The volume of the ventilation 6inch duct fan installation space is determined by the formula:

Volume (m3) = Length (m) x Width (m) x Height (m)

The total amount of air required

The total amount of air required is calculated using the formula

Tg = X x V (m3/h)


  • V: Volume
  • Tg: Total amount of air needed (m3/h)
  • X: Number of air changes

Note X is the required number of air changes per hour:

Crowded public places: X = 30 to 40 times/hour.

The production place has machines and equipment that generate high temperatures: X = 40 to 60 times/hour.

Number of 6inch duct fans needed

Calculate the number of ventilation fans to be installed in the space:

N = Tg / Q (c)


  • N: Number of fans needed for the factory
  • Tg: Total amount of air needed (m3/h)
  • Also, Q: Air volume of fan (m3/h)

Select the type of ventilation fan

Select industrial ventilation fans with air flow greater than or equal to actual needs to ensure optimal fan operation.

How to calculate ventilation fan flow

The airflow of the ventilation 6inch duct fan depends on the purpose of use, for each purpose, the air flow will be determined according to its formulas.

Ventilation to remove toxic gas

In environments where harmful gases are generated during production, fuel combustion, microbiological processes, chemical paints, etc., the ventilation flow is determined by the following formula:

G = Yc – Yo (m3/h)


  • G – Amount of toxic substances released into the room, g/h
  • Also, Yc – Permissible concentration of the toxic substance (refer to table 12.1), g/m3
  • Yo – Concentration of toxic substances in the air blown in, g/m3. The concentration of poison blown into the room is so small that it can ignore.

Conclusion 6inch duct fan

CO2 can arise from many different causes. The amount of CO2 emitted by a person depends on the labor intensity, so the CO2 exhaust ventilation volume also depends on the labor intensity.