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Why do you use heat recovery fan in industrial areas?

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The important role of the square industrial exhaust fan in the factory

Cooling down, creating a ventilated environment is the use of square industrial exhaust heat recovery fans. The factory is the workplace of hundreds of thousands of workers. In particular, in the summer the temperature there will be very high up to 45 - 50 o C.

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Normal fans can hardly cool down. This greatly affects the health of workers. Thereby, reducing work productivity, causing economic losses to businesses.

Square industrial exhaust fan for better air circulation

To keep the factory cooler, it is imperative to use an industrial exhaust fan. The exhaust fan will help circulate the air in and out.

Not only that, the fan also helps push the Co2 by workers breathing to the outside, increasing the amount of oxygen, avoiding the lack of oxygen leading to difficulty breathing; physical weakness, decreased ability to concentrate.

Workshops are also an easy place for bacteria and viruses to grow in the air because they are both crowded and have goods. When the exhaust heat recovery fan operates, the air is cleaner, minimizing pathogens.

Reduce moisture, limit odors, mold

Industrial exhaust fans will absorb moisture, reducing air humidity in the factory. Thereby limiting the situation of mold growth in the interstitial walls, corners of the house, in equipment and machinery...

At the same time, a clean, mold-free environment will limit unpleasant odors, affecting the working spirit of workers.

Limit air pollution to bring green environment

Not only is there a lot of Co2 emitted by workers, but there are also many other pollutants in the factory such as: the smell of goods, machinery, engine oil, dust, etc. When the environment in the workshop is too polluted Infection will lead to a series of dangerous consequences, typically:

Even though you have money in hand, sometimes making the decision to buy a centrifugal or axial fan to use is not an easy task. Because of the investment problem, everyone wants it to be useful for long-term value, especially for industrial fans, the amount of money spent is not small.

Hints on distinguishing centrifugal and heat recovery axial fans hope to make it easier for you to come to a final decision.

1. Understanding what is Centrifugal? What is Axial Fan?

Heat recovery axial fan is simply a ventilation fan with the suction and blowing directions parallel to the fan axis.

Centrifugal fan is a type of fan that draws air along the axis based on the centrifugal force applied around the fan housing, and then the wind pushes out in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the fan.

2. In terms of Structure and Operation Principle

Axial fans


  • Includes fan housing, impeller, base frame, suction and blowing mouth, transmission core and motor
  • Has a small propeller structure, cuts the air directly
  • The fan motor is driven by a belt.
  • Axial fans usually use a pressure column of 50-500Pa.

Working principle

Heat recovery Axial fans usually fit with a workshop head that come in the axial direction to suck out toxic gases, heat and moisture inside the factory. The other end installs to conduct air from the outside through the vent system.

Outboard motor driven by belt

When the motor is placed on the inner shaft, dust clinging to the copper coil or inner bearing also causes the motor to quickly heat up and run unstable, thereby reducing performance.

Including parts: Fan wheel, shaft, machine stand and fan cover

  • The fan has a large number of cutting blades.
  • The motor moves with the belt placed on the outside.
  • Overpressure from 500 to 100,000Pa.

Working principle

Heat recovery centrifugal fan works on the principle of centrifugal pump, when working; the rotor will draw air along the shaft, at this time the pressure at the center of the fan will shift from a place of high pressure to a place of low pressure.

Thanks to the centrifugal force around the fan housing, the air along the shaft will eject in a direction perpendicular to the fan shaft. In fact, the centrifugal fan will have 2 rotation directions: the same direction and the opposite direction of clockwise rotation.

It depends on the needs of different suction and push to choose the appropriate rotation direction.

3. Applications of heat recovery fans

With axial fan

The fan helps to dispel the heat comes by the heat dissipation of the machines; the wind obtained from the axial ventilation fan will soothe the uncomfortable, hot stuffiness of the factory, making the workers more comfortable.

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Therefore, axial fans are widely popular in greenhouses, classrooms, offices, factories, factories..

Centrifugal fan

With strong suction, far push and ability to create great pressure, the fan is capable of transmitting far and strong wind. Besides, the air filtration effect is very good. Therefore, this centrifugal fan is commonly popular to absorb air, exhaust gases as well as toxic substances and dust in: Milling systems, rice production, and wood factories.

Centrifugal fans for industrial use

4. Pros and Cons

For Axial Fan


Stable quality: The current heat recovery axial fan designs according to new technology and genuine materials, so the fan can withstand high temperature, stable operation and high durability over time.

In addition, the accompanying components make of stainless steel and zinc depending on the part to help ensure quality and safety.

Quiet operation: Industrial axial fans design to minimize noise, without affecting work activities.

Equipment with large capacity always brings fresh air to factories, livestock households... by sucking odors, harmful gases and heat directly from machines and chemicals. Ensure the health of workers during work, thereby increasing labor productivity.

Saving costs, energy

 Axial fans consume very little energy because they can simultaneously push and pull air, exchange air with the outside environment. Therefore, it saves initial investment costs, reduces power consumption, requires less maintenance and has a long service life.


Heat recovery axial fans only have fewer blades and cut the air directly, so there is dirt that causes rapid corrosion of the blades due to friction with dust and air.

When the motor places on the inner shaft, dust adheres to the copper coil, causing the motor to quickly overheat and run unstable, reducing the load efficiency.

For heat recovery Centrifugal Fan


Features are strong suction, push away, create great pressure, so it is easy to transmit far by the duct; meanwhile, axial fans can only transmit over short distances.