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How to operate the damper factory duct fan system?

2021-12-27 hqt

The installation of damper air conditioners in factories is quite expensive and inappropriate. Investors often buy industrial ventilation fans that are expensive. Industrial ventilation fans can provide the same amount of cool air, maybe even more than the air conditioning / air conditioning system.

Therefore, the installation of wall-mounted ventilation fans is the most effective solution to help the factory space become more airy and fresh. So, how to install a wall-mounted duct fan, what are the important steps? Find out with Hgduct right in the following article!

1. What is a wall-mounted damper duct fan?

Wall-mounted duct fans are a solution for factories in hot summer days. It is a product that brings many benefits such as air circulation, pushing stagnant air from the inside out, balancing humidity, removing unpleasant odors / absorbing odors, preventing air pollution from affecting the air quality. It adversely affects the health of workers.…

Installing a wall-mounted damper duct fan is much quicker and easier than installing an air conditioner. This will help customers save costs while still ensuring to meet the needs of cooling and air circulation. Moreover, it minimizes the proliferation and development of viruses, bacteria, insects, mold caused by moisture.

Install fan system for factory

2. How to properly install a wall-mounted ventilation fan

In order for the wall-mounted duct fan to run at full capacity, to ensure safety during use, you need to adjust and install the fan correctly according to the following sequence of steps:

Step 1 : Determine the space to use before installation

Currently, wall-mounted ventilation fans have many different product lines. Accordingly, the size and operating capacity of the fan also have distinct points.

Therefore, the investor needs to choose the most suitable damper fan for installation, avoiding the case of buying a fan with too large a capacity that costs a lot of money or is too small to achieve the desired effect.

Step 2: Prepare installation tools

  • Drill to punch the wall
  • Screws, screwdrivers, pliers, 6 or 8" expansion pliers
  • Ladder (used when installing ventilation fan system in high position)
  • Protective equipment (glasses, masks, gloves, protective clothing, ...).
  • Selected wall-mounted duct fan

Step 3 : Carry out the damper installation

  1. The first step in installing a wall-mounted ventilation fan, you need to disconnect the factory fuse before
  2. Drill holes and expand, then fasten the duct fan on the wall with screws and supporting tools.
  3. Determine the point of direct hole drilling to install the shortest ducts (this duct helps the fan to ventilate outside).

Mounting the system's heat vent and grille

Wiring: In the fan, there are 2 separate wires, you just need to wire and then connect to the power source of the factory. During implementation, need to connect 2 separate wires, stick tape; do not glue 2 wires together.

Open the fuse and then test the damper fan 1-2 times to check the quality of the fan, see if the fan is malfunctioning or has an error somewhere...

It is necessary to follow the steps to install the duct fan to ensure safety

Factory ventilation damper fan

Axial factory ventilation fan is one of the most popular fans in 2020

The factory is a place where many workers, machinery, industrial dust, duct gas, mold ... contaminate the environment and affect the health of workers. When the health of workers is not guaranteed, it means reduced work efficiency, leading to reduced business performance.

Buy a fan of paint factory

Industrial ventilation fans block square walls is one of the types of fans used by many factories

Working principle

The operating principle of the factory fan system is divided into 2 types:

Axial fan: this type of fan has large flow and low pressure suitable for ventilation

Centrifugal fans: have higher pressure, use air intake in areas where strong suction power is required but are limited in flow, low noise and high efficiency.

2. Advantages - disadvantages of the factory fan system

Advantages of factory fan system:

Ruggedly designed, durable motor

The damper system includes ideal fans with large airflow, optimized design using modern technology.

The materials for making special factory fans are very good, so they are resistant to corrosion, mold, rust, and can work in many harsh environments.

Easy to install the system, suitable for all construction conditions

The fans in the system are light in weight, the fan has strong capacity, low noise, and the motor is durable, so it doesn't interfere with the working process, production, and easy operation.

Disadvantages of factory fan system:

Besides the outstanding advantages, the factory fan system still has some disadvantages such as:

Difficulty in choosing a fan system: because on the market there are many models of factory fans of unknown origin.

  • The cost of a factory fan system is quite high.
  • Cleaning and repairing the factory fan system: quite complicated.
  • Painted steel suction centrifugal fan
  • Steel axial industrial ventilation fan with high efficiency and high durability

3. How to operate the damper factory fan system?

To operate the damper factory fan system effectively and correctly, you need to perform the following operations:

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You can review and study information about the equipment in the factory fan system to provide the most accurate power supply.

Start the system, check the equipment, and make sure that there is no foreign object trapped inside the fan.

Adjust the fan's air intake valve to the smallest number, when the system is stable, gradually increase.

When the factory fan runs stably, gradually open the air valve until the current reaches up to 95% of the rated current.

Choose a reputable shopping address: the new brand is the factor that confirms the quality, not the "price"

How to choose the size of damper duct fan?

Selecting a fan system with the right size for the workshop space: choosing a damper system that is too large for the area to be cooled will waste and cost electricity.

On the contrary, too small will not be enough to cool the necessary space. So, when choosing to buy, please follow the advice of the manufacturer to choose the system that best suits the space of your business.


You should choose a fan with a large capacity: a large capacity fan has a cooling effect on a large area but does not consume more electricity than a fan with a small capacity. When choosing a large capacity, it will better meet the cooling problem at the factory.