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How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? 7 Easy Steps 

2022-04-15 hqt
How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan

What is needed to install the hood?

How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? In order for the installed equipment to work for a long time and be suitable for its purpose, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for it.

A well-functioning ventilation duct is a must in the bathroom. In case of blockage and similar problems, after installing the hood, the system will not work. Therefore, please clean the duct thoroughly before installing the fan.

When buying a machine, you should carefully study its technical characteristics. The fan must fully comply with the operating conditions of the bathroom. Should pay more attention to: cost, functionality, noise level generated and efficiency metrics.

How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? bathroom ventilation

Since bathroom ventilation is based entirely on replacing humid air with fresh air, care should be taken to secure its source. For these purposes, as a rule, you need to make a hole 2 cm under the door. Thanks to these simple manipulations, fresh air will enter the room through the openings created.

Of particular note is the fact that installing a fan with your own hands requires a responsible attitude during installation. So, at the time of installation, all the nuances must be thought out. Ideally, you should draw up a work plan and follow the instructions. In addition, in case of any complications, you should contact special forums on the Internet or specialists.

How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? preparing to install

First of all, you need to decide on the model of the fan itself. The selected device must fully comply with the operating conditions. You should use devices with the following layout:

  • Timer, to manually turn the fan on and off if necessary;
  • Adjust the temperature so that the humidity in the bathroom is also controlled.

Most often, bathrooms use fans with all the necessary qualities, including resistance to moisture, a timer, and independence from uninterruptible power.

When manually installing the hood, you should learn carefully about the wiring, because then the device will be powered. How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? In general, the installation of a fan requires:

  • Set independent power supply;
  • Install the device directly into the ventilation duct;
  • Seal joints with polyurethane foam and putty.

If you map out an action plan correctly, the whole installation process will not cause any difficulties. However, in case there are problems with understanding and working process, it is advisable to seek the help of specialists. In severe cases, there can be a problem with the entire power supply of the apartment.

More efficient exhaust ventilation can be achieved if there is an additional source of fresh air on one side of the bathroom (ventilation supply). How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? Inlet duct and hood must be placed opposite each other, otherwise (in close proximity) the ventilation capacity of the room will be greatly reduced.

Working with power

The ease of use of an installed range hood is directly affected by both the technical capabilities of the appliance and the method of switching it on. For each DIY installation method, a single fan connection diagram is required, as a rule. All required drawings can be easily found online in various forums.

How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? Before deciding on the choice of the method of turning on the device, you should study the positives and negatives in detail. In this way inconvenience problems can be simply avoided.

Bathroom exhaust fan: through the light

The most convenient, in some cases, is to turn on the fan at the same time as lighting the bathroom. That is, every time a person enters the bathroom, the hood will automatically turn on. Thus, when the lights go out, the ventilation system also stops working.
How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan 2022

On-off method and the timer cannot be used

The main problem of this on-off method is that the timer cannot be used. That's why the unit won't have time to clean the room air while in the bathroom. How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? In addition, if you use a silent fan, you may not be able to shower at night due to strong noise and vibration.

Do not forget that connecting the device to the same line as the lighting system can also cause technical problems with an irresponsible approach to work. Therefore, it is best to consult a specialist, and not get involved in your own affairs.

Many early fan models had their own switches

Usually this switch comes in the form of a wire coming out of the case. By pulling the cord (pull) the fan will turn on or off.

How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? It is worth noting that this way of turning on the device is often the most inconvenient. This is due to the high position of the ventilation duct (under the ceiling). In addition, it is sometimes necessary to install the hood in hard-to-reach places, which is why direct access to it is very limited.

This way of switching on and off is most convenient in case of repair. In addition, you can rest assured that in addition to the main wire, put more wires and install an independent switch for the fan.

However, it should be noted that when installing wiring outside of repair work, the aesthetics of the bathroom wall can be seriously affected. Also, do not forget about the need to connect the main wiring to the hood.

How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? automatic (self) include

With this method of turning on the fan, you can turn it on or off manually. However, in the active state, the device will automatically analyze the situation in the bathroom and deactivate if necessary. A timer, a motion sensor or a hydrometer could be responsible for analyzing the room.

It is worth noting that fans with automatic shutdown systems are often equipped so that it turns on when it detects someone in the room and turns off according to a preset timer. However, as it may be, such fans are not in great demand in the market due to their high cost.

Bathroom exhaust fan: self-switching

When manually installing a bathroom fan, you can conduct separate wiring for the unit by connecting it via a standalone switch. How to replace a bathroom exhaust fan? The option of turning on the device through the wire is completely similar to this method, but more convenient because it does not require direct access to the ventilation system.

The most common way to turn it on is through a two-key switch, that is, at the exit from the bathroom, instead of the usual light switch, a new switch is attached - a two-key one.

This type of switch is not only suitable in the case of rooms with high humidity.