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5 Advantages of Air Duct Booster Fan 2022

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Air Duct Booster Fan

Many industries use air duct booster fan ventilation as a resource. It removes substances that circulate through the air and are harmful to human beings. This renews the atmosphere within the work environment. Because of this, it directly links to work safety.

The system comes up of fans, ducts, filters, collectors, among other components that help achieve the objectives described above.

Currently, there are three main models capable of treating the company's indoor air quality. Check out, in this article, what they are and what their benefits are!

Industrial air duct booster fan ventilation and work safety

Dust, vapors, gases and fumes are some examples of substances harmful to the health of employees working in an industry. These substances can cause permanent damage to the health of these workers. Moreover, exposure to high temperatures is also a worrying factor.

The health of these individuals does not jeopardize. The Ministry of Labor approved the regulatory norms that specifically deal with the occupational exposure of workers and make industrial ventilation an essential element for the safety of work in these places.

Industry and workers must be aware of these rules so that the health of the team preserves.

Types of industrial ventilation air duct booster fan

To preserve worker health and make the work environment healthier, industries can choose one of three ventilation system options. Meet:

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation is not exactly a mechanical system. These are openings that are easy to make in the ceiling, sides and floor. This allows the circulation of ambient air.

The main objective is to eliminate hot and harmful air from machinery activities and allow clean air to enter the room.

General diluting ventilation

General dilution ventilation works as a kind of blow that expels contaminated air from the environment, minimizing the concentration of contaminants and pollutants.

Exhaust ventilation

Exhaust ventilation can be considered the most efficient system in preventing contaminants, in which the main objective is to stop contaminated air, preventing workers from inhaling these substances.

Benefits of industrial ventilation air duct booster fan for work

Adopting a ventilation system is essential to ensure safety and comfort in the work environment. See some benefits:

  • avoids a high number of workers with respiratory diseases
  • environments with pleasant temperatures make work more productive
  • increases the performance of teams
  • decreases the number of abstentions by promoting a healthy atmosphere
  • It can also be good to control the concentration of chemical agents present in the environment.

Industrial air duct booster fan ventilation ensures that work safety standards compile with and brings benefits to the company, even impacting its results due. It is to the increase in productivity promoted by a more pleasant work environment.

Air Duct Booster Fan 2022

Not everyone understands how important it is to maintain the right microclimate at home. They forget or ignore the installation of exhaust ventilation. This is a serious mistake - good ventilation provides a normal supply of fresh air and removal of waste or polluted air masses.

 In addition, the installation of forced exhaust ventilation allows you not to depend on the weather and control the ventilation modes of the room at your discretion.

Where to install air duct booster fan?

Exhaust ventilation is recommended to install in those rooms. There is no natural air supply, as well as where the air is too polluted or there is excessive humidity. These rooms include a bathroom, bath or shower room, kitchen and wardrobe.

But you need to know how to choose a fan for exhaust ventilation so that it works with maximum efficiency. But excessive performance will lead to the fact that the room will be cold and drafts will appear. Therefore, we will consider in more detail how to choose an air duct booster fan.

Power calculation

When calculating how much power an exhaust fan should be, you should know a few important points:

Performance: It is measured in m3/h and shows how much air the fan can remove in 1 hour.

The rate of air exchange: This parameter determines by the type of room where ventilation installs and shows how many times the air must be completely renewed. The more polluted the air in the room, the higher the multiplicity.

The volume of the room: air duct booster fan

Air duct booster fan calculates by the formula V \u003d S * h, where V is the volume, S is the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and h is the height of the ceiling.

The length of the ventilation ducts and the number of bends in them: The more complex the ventilation design, the greater the power margin should be into account in the calculation.

If the exhaust channel has a small length, then its influence can be ignored. But in an apartment building, it is recommended to add another 10-15% to the nominal performance. As a result, our bathroom will require an exhaust fan of 85-90 m3 / h.

If you want to calculate the required air exchange in any room, you can use our online calculator.

Diameter selection of air duct booster fan

There are several standard diameters for exhaust fans: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 125mm and 150mm. It is necessary to choose such a diameter that it coincides with the diameter of air duct booster fan. This will eliminate vibration during operation. Also, the diameter affects where the exhaust fan is installed.

Please note that if your hole is square, rectangular or irregular in shape, you must also measure the extreme points of the hole. This is done in order to know exactly which front panel the fan should have.

A correctly selected fan front panel will completely cover the ventilation shaft after its installation. It is not rare that customers do not foresee this fact and have to carry a replacement fan.

The presence of a check valve

The air duct booster fan allows you to partially prevent the ingress of outside air into the ventilation system. It cannot completely solve the problem of smells from neighbors in apartment buildings. It will provide protection from insects that enter the apartment through ventilation, dust or dirt. Exhaust fans with non-return valve are very popular in the market today.